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All Master Grower LED grow lights are manufactured in our own factory. From raw material selection to production and testing, we focus on every aspect to ensure the products delivered at the best condition and working free from trouble.

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How to choose the best LED grow lights for your plants?

There is no such as universally best LED grow lights for all growers. When you choose LED grow lights for your plants, the right LED grow lights that fit your growth purpose, your crops, your budget is the best for you. How to find the right LED grow lights for your specific cultivation depends on three points.

The crops
Different crops require different lighting environments for optimal growth, although almost indoor or greenhouse growing plants can grow well under a full spectrum LED grow light, the light quantity varies considerably which is the PPFD. For instance, cannabis plants require a PPFD up to 1000 μmol/m2/s for optimal growth, and even higher in the CO2-enriched growing methods. However, lettuce or other conventional leafy greens can grow very well under a PPFD of about 250-300 μmol/m2/s.

Grow size
How big is your growing area? This growing area size is specially concerned about the canopy area size, not the grow room as a whole. For home growers, this growing area is grow tent in most cases. In order to achieve the best yield, we need to choose LED grow lights that can distribute high PPFD output averagely across the whole canopy area.

For our recommendations:
Grow room: Octopus 800 to cover every 4ft x 4ft growing area.

Grow tent:
Octopus 800 to cover a 5ft x 5ft growing area.
Octopus 640 to cover a 4ft x 4ft growing area.
Octopus 400 or Matrix 400 to cover a 3ft x 3ft growing area.
Octopus 200 or Matrix 200 to cover a 2ft x 2ft growing area.

LED grow light components
When you have decided on your crops and grow area, it is time to look for the LED grow lights with quality and a reasonable price. LED grow lights, like any other LED lights, are made of three key parts: LED chips, LED drivers, heat sinks. Cheap LED grow lights made of low-quality components may save you money at first, but usually deliver a low light efficiency and wear out very fast. Good quality LED grow lights also do not necessarily come with a high price, since the prices of LED chips of well-known international brands have become cheaper and cheaper every year.

All Master Grower LED grow lights are made of high-quality OSRAM LED chips, SOSEN LED drivers, and industrial-grade AL6063 Aluminum heat sink, with effective working lifetime up to 50000 hours. The light efficiency is up to 2.7 μmol/J.

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