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About us

About us

MasterGrower&THEONEGROW is a LED grow light brand fully own by VANQ LED.

Since its establishment in 2009, MasterGrower&THEONEGROW(Brands of VANQ Technology) has always been at the technological forefront of smart agriculture, concentrating on creating cutting-edge plant lighting solutions for a variety of industries.

We are well aware of the various pain points and problems faced in cultivation, therefore we bring market-leading cannabis grow lights, hydroponics grow lights, and advanced control systems to growers. And also we have plant growth protection products and accessories for choice, we can provide one-stop-shopping solution to smart cultivation.

THEONEGROW is always customer-focused, and whether you're struggling in the field of cannabis cultivation, plant factories, container growing, or hydroponic growing, we have well-prepared, innovative, and holistic solution strategies to help you overcome every challenge in growing.

Team and R&D strength

In the field of horticultural lighting, VANQ LED is one of the leading companies with 20 years of development. With technological innovation as our core, we are constantly committed to providing customers with excellent horticultural lighting solutions.

Currently, our team has more than 200 employees, more than 40 of whom are R&D engineers. These engineers have more than 20 years of combined experience in plant science, hardware development, system integration and control software development.


20000sqm factory

Our production base covers an area of 20,000 square meters, has eight advanced production and assembly lines, and is one of the leading manufacturing plants in the industry. These advanced facilities and equipment ensure our high efficiency and high quality in LED grow light production.

Each production line has been precisely debugged and optimized to ensure that every LED grow light can meet our strict quality standards.


OEM &ODM 20 Years Experience

With a strong product research and development capability and 12 years experience in horticultural lighting industry, we understand that plant science is far more complicated than conventional home or commercial lighting.

Therefore we also offer OEM and ODM service for customer who require specific products for their research or commercial growing applications. From product hardware structure to spectrum configuration, and control system, we offer the leading customization service in a manner of developing products with customer together.


Own Cultivation Laboratory

Since 2012, we have built our own professional cultivation laboratory to provide strong support for product development and spectral analysis. Over the past twelve years, we have invested considerable resources and effort in conducting experiments with more than 50 spectral combinations on more than 100 plant species. These experimental data are not only rich and detailed, but also provide us with valuable information and insights.

Through in-depth research and analysis of the spectral needs of different plants, we have accumulated rich experience and data. This allows us to tailor optimized spectral solutions to the characteristics and needs of different plants, thereby providing more precise and effective lighting solutions.

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