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Want to know which light is better for your growing place?

The first question is——

How big is your growing area? This growing area size is specially concerned about the canopy area size, not the grow room as a whole. For home growers, this growing area is grow tent in most cases. In order to achieve the best yield, we need to choose LED grow lights that can distribute high PPFD output averagely across the whole canopy area.

For our recommendations:
Grow room: Octopus 800 to cover every 4ft x 4ft growing area.

Grow tent:
Octopus 800 to cover a 5ft x 5ft growing area.
Octopus 640 to cover a 4ft x 4ft growing area.
Octopus 400 or Matrix 400 to cover a 3ft x 3ft growing area.
Octopus 200 or Matrix 200 to cover a 2ft x 2ft growing area. 

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