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High efficacy LED grow light: Benefits and Applications

High efficacy LED grow light: Benefits and Applications

A brief introduction to the high efficacy LED grow light

In today's post, we'll talk a little bit about the high efficacy LED grow light specially developed for growing plants. Why choose them instead of ordinary light bulbs? We'll also talk about choosing the ideal model of your cultivation lamp, the types available, the different lighting technologies common, among other important tips.

High efficacy LED grow light
Why should you choose this high efficacy LED grow light?
The reason is simple — grow lamps or grow lamps were developed with the specific purpose of assisting in the good growth and general cultivation of plants — as they emit exactly the specific type of color of light they need for each stage of their cultivation.
The different lighting technologies of the high efficacy LED grow light

In the market, we have high efficacy LED grow light and luminaires that use different lighting technologies. We can mention, for example, Incandescent, Halogen, Fluorescent, and Compact Fluorescent (CFL), HID and LED.

Incandescent / Halogen: They have the best rate of reproduction color (CRI) among all of the above types, and great to simulate sunlight, but heat up too much and consume too much power, lost ground in the farming world;

Fluorescent / Compact Fluorescent (CFL): Its cooler white light is ideal for the growing phase of vegetables and fruits, they are falling into disuse because they use the heavy metal mercury in their construction, in addition to not being as energy efficient;

LED: They are extremely efficient and inexpensive, emit only the colors of high efficacy LED grow light necessary for plant growth; they are the focus of this post.
Why choose LED cultivation light?

Every small producer or even anyone who grows vegetables and fruits for their own indoor consumption knows that saving on electricity bills is essential; and with this in mind, grow lamps and LED-based cultivation lights were created, which do not heat up and do not consume a lot of energy. Making them the most ideal for this purpose.

Furthermore, these lamps, due to the nature of LEDs, emit only the spectra of light necessary for the development and flowering of plants. We usually see these cultivation lamps in blue and pink, red or even violet.
How to choose the Ideal LED growing light?

You must evaluate several aspects when searching for and finally acquiring one of these cultivation high efficacies LED grow light.

Regarding the cultivation environment, for example, in a greenhouse, where the space is more open, less powerful lamps can be common. In constantly dark and/or closed environments, such as inside the house, more powerful lamps are needed.

The origin of the lights in question is another crucial factor, as this will influence items such as durability.
How the color of lights affects growth of the plants?

Today we learned a little about what high efficacy LED grow light are:

  • their different lighting technologies
  • how the simple color of the emitted light can make a difference in plant growth

We saw for example that cool colors like Blue, Violet, and White are better in the germination and growth phase of our plants and vegetables.

The warmer colors, such as Yellow, Red and Orange, are ideal for and stimulate the flowering of plants.
We also saw that more spacious environments and with more natural light do not need very powerful lamps.

What is the best way to use LED lights?
In cases where there are environments more closed and with little lighting natural, fixtures / more powerful lamps are required.

 High efficacy LED grow light

This is one of the most frequent questions for those interested in planting indoors, is what is the best way to use grow light in areas where there is no sun, is how to do it? How many lights to put? What is the best distance and position?  What is the use of high efficacy LED grow light? Among several other questions:

How can I build my grow?

There are several ways to assemble a grow, from buying a ready-made one to making it yourself, whether with MDF sheets, Styrofoam, ready-made vases and even a cardboard box, it will depend on your creativity and your physical space. The important thing when setting up your grow is to know what space you have for your little plants.

These are much lighter and you can fit them anywhere, in your kitchen, living room, bathroom and anywhere you can put the high efficacy LED grow light on them.

What is the use of cardboard box?

A very interesting and simple way to assemble a grow is with a cardboard box, where you can use the cardboard box upright.

So the cost is very affordable, remembering that it is very important not to overuse water in vases that do not have an opening for drainage. Another really cool tip is to assemble grow with wood, like making small boxes with the top opening, which resemble troughs.

Is there any type of crop that doesn't work with high efficacy LED grow light?

High efficacy LED grow light "simulate" sound very effectively, so any plant that uses the sun can be grown in your home, of course limiting the physical space of the place and the size that your plant will be, so it is very important know your plantation.

How many led grow lights to put?

This is a not so easy question to answer, but we can help you answer it for yourself, according to your reality. The ideal is to always put light bulbs on the top and also light bulbs on the sides, this tip is very important, as you will be able to make the leaves at the bottom also receive light and grow more.

Remember that the development of each type of plant has specific details, but you will be able to test the best position of the high efficacy LED grow light according to each planting done.


It's important to remember that the lower leaves are bigger precisely because of the lack of light, where they need to increase their size in order to get some light. If the size of the leaves is important in your planting, then it is advisable to place lighting only at the top.

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