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How to use plant LED grow lamp for smaller plants?

How to use plant LED grow lamp for smaller plants?

Have you decided to make money by growing and selling legal hemp? After the massive request of our readers, Mastergrowerled has published this brand new guide all for you on how to create your business with Plant LED grow lamp!

For some time, many people have chosen to try their hand at the legal hemp business, but why? In this guide you will find out how to create your business, and get started in this sector.

What is Plant LED grow lamp?

The spread of light cannabis which began in 2017 has common interest in many entrepreneurs, attracted by the novelty of the product, and by the space of a market to enter. The European legislation on hemp has recently given recognition with a lot of approval.

It comes through the Law on Hemp n. 242 of 2 December 2016. This actually entered into force in January 2017.

The ministerial circular clarifies the commercial destinations and types of products derived from hemp crops.

What technology Plant LED grow lamp offers?

You must know that Plant LED grow lamp technology allows the reproduction of light beams that recall the sun's rays in all respects, with the tangible benefit of the plant. You can save money by bringing the lights closer to the plants, calculating the right distance between the LED and the pot.

This way you will always avoid that hemp can suffer from excessive heat or risk of burning and you will get superior results of outdoor cultivation.

 plant LED grow lamp

What type of hemp (seeds) to grow to produce light cannabis?

There are many types of plants available, which is why attention to seeds is essential. You can choose from the list that we report below, always trying to prefer dioecious, that is plants that have a reproductive organ.

In a second moment the males are eliminated, in order to obtain a product ready for processing and without seeds.

How to use Plant LED grow lamp for smaller plants?

For smaller crops but which still generate excellent business, Plant LED grow lamp can be common directly, the advantages of these structures is that they make the most of the light of the lamps thus saving electricity and you will not have to worry about parasites and insects.

Once you have chosen the field and the varieties, you have to talk about the cultivation method you want to start: we talk about the legality of horticultural crops. This means that hemp plants can be treated like all other plants regularly sold in Italy, and produced by means of greenhouse and Plant LED grow lamp. But only if you keep their documentation: now let's move on to the practice!

Light, air, water, fundamental factors for growth

Your environment must be organized keeping in mind the needs of the plant, in all its phases, starting from germination to flowering.

In the first place it is essential to pay attention to the light. A healthy plant needs 12 hours of light and the same amount of darkness. They are the core, the plant food, and you can hardly think of saving to the lighting system.

The quality must be very high and with precise characteristics. Choosing a good indoor Plant LED grow lamp is convenient for the environment and offers optimal performance.

We then move on to the soil: there are many different types on the market, with a mix of nutrients, which are common to enhance and improve the result.

Most Damaging Factor for Plant Health.

The third aspect is related to Air and Water, which are two variables to take care of. Always try to keep the environment properly oxygenated. This means that it becomes necessary to purchase fans. This favors a constant recirculation of air

Water Is the Basis of Irrigation Systems

And then the water, well the water is the basis! It is the medium we use to supply nutrients; for this reason, the flow in large crops must be regulated by specific irrigation systems.

The last variable is the temperature, which has a non-relative power in the growth phase of a healthy plant. You must know that Cannabis is, by its nature, a resistant plant, which can cope with temperature variations, but it is not free from environmental stresses.

It is advisable to use Plant LED grow lamp and maintain a constant temperature that is around 27 °, the optimal value for the production of inflorescences. And remember to control the humidity, which avoids the development of annoying molds.

Sign up as a direct grower or open a PI

To achieve all this, no special authorizations are required. Hemp, in fact, is no different from tomatoes or zucchini, ONLY if it has a THC of less than 0.6%. You can then decide to take one of the two paths that we propose below:

Becoming a direct farmer: you must have some subjective and objective requirements. In particular, you must contribute, with your own work and that of your family, to at least one third of the company's work needs, considering a number of days per year, never below 104. The activity must be carried out in a habitual way and be prevalent.
plant LED grow lamp

The direct farmer has the privilege of the right of first refusal if there is the purchase and sale of agricultural land. Plant LED grow lamp can be common in front of agricultural land subject to forced sale, forced liquidation, bankruptcy or exchange. Once you have completed these activities, you can start dedicating yourself to your cultivation.

What equipment do you need?

Wondering what it takes to produce an indoor Plant LED grow lamp cannabis crop?.

Once you have identified the place of cultivation, you will need:

  • Number of pots equal to the number of plants you want to grow;
  • Soil rich in nutrients, even if you work in a greenhouse;
  • Right quantity and type of lamps for plants (Plant LED grow lampis the most convenient and profitable solution);
  • Ventilation system;
  • The irrigation system;
  • Instruments to control humidity, pH and temperature;
  • Nutrients for the growth and flowering phase;


Mastergrower supports you in the construction of your plant for the production of Plant LED grow lamp. If you have decided to undertake this activity, the mastergrower technicians will support you in the realization of the lighting and ventilation system by proposing the solution that best suits your needs and above all the most economical in terms of electricity consumption.

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