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How to improve efficiency of T8 grow light?

How to improve efficiency of T8 grow light?

Improve the consumption of hydroponic vegetables by using LED lights

 T8 grow light

Growing hydroponics via T8 grow light is no longer a strange method in China. More and more hydroponic vegetable models are being developed. The hydroponic vegetable market is also increasingly active.

How to grow hydroponic vegetables most effectively? MASTER GROWER advises you on a way to increase the yield of hydroponic vegetables with led bulbs!

Using led lights for indoor hydroponic vegetable growing

Using specialized T8 grow light to supplement light for plants is the most optimal solution when growing plants in areas that lack sunlight. Depending on the type of plant will require different light conditions. Therefore, each type of vegetable will have a suitable LED light.

Benefits of LED lights with hydroponic vegetables

Growing hydroponic vegetables is often applied by townhouse families. Due to the lack of open space conditions, they often apply vegetable growing on the balcony or indoors. Growing vegetables indoors does not meet the necessary light requirements, so vegetables grow poorly.

LED lights support light so that indoor hydroponic vegetables have more conditions to convert nutrients to grow plants. Help plants greener, lusher and grow faster. The increased yield hydroponic vegetables with T8 grow light are very popular and well applied.

LED lights help increase the yield of hydroponic vegetables

Now, with LED bulbs, growing vegetables is no longer a problem. Are you afraid that growing hydroponically indoors will not be good due to lack of light? Rest assured, there are led lights to provide light for the plants, and you don't have to worry about underdeveloped plants anymore!

Increase the yield of hydroponic vegetables with led bulbs

 T8 grow light

The use of T8 grow light in hydroponic vegetable growing also helps vegetables grow better and faster. As a result, it shortens the sowing time and increases the yield. In addition, the light emitted by the LED has a spectral level suitable for the light absorption level of hydroponic vegetables.

This will help vegetables synthesize maximum nutrients. Therefore, vegetables will also be clean, safe and more nutritious.

Notes when using LED lights in hydroponic vegetable growing

Pay attention to lighting time


The appropriate time to use led lights for indoor hydroponic vegetables is from 10-12 hours/day. Such a period is enough for the plant to perform the task of metabolizing nutrients.

Do you think using T8 grow light all day will help vegetables grow better? However, that's not the case. Everything has a limit, the abuse of LED lighting not only does not increase its use value but also costs energy. To increase the yield of hydroponic vegetables with LED bulbs, it is necessary to pay attention to the lighting time to achieve high efficiency.

Increase the yield of hydroponic vegetables with led lights

Pay attention to choose the right led light

Usually hydroponic plants absorb only blue and red light for photosynthesis. Therefore, when choosing to buy LED lights, you should choose those with a spectrum from 350-800nm. The increased yield hydroponic vegetables with LED bulb are entirely reasonable and feasible.

Where to buy reputable led lights?

There are many types of T8 grow light on the market dedicated to growing hydroponic vegetables. For support during use, you can choose to buy led lights at MASTER GROWER.

Why can LED lights be used to grow plants?

One of the first uses of LEDs for plant growth was when the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) conducted a study on LEDs and saw its potential to promote growth.

The researchers found that the infrared light coming from LEDs had the most suitable wavelength range for plant growth.

And today, NASA astronauts also use LED devices to grow plants in space. Previously, scientists had thought that, for photosynthesis to occur plants need a full spectrum and that is also what conventional light produces.

However, a NASA study shows that most of the light that plants absorb comes from fairly narrow areas of the light spectrum.

Where to buy LED grow lights?  How much is the price?

Use LED lights to provide adequate light for plants.

Chlorophyll, the pigment in plants, is responsible for photosynthesis and absorbs the maximum wavelengths of light from 450-660 Nm through photosynthesis, ie red and blue light wavelengths. This means that a full spectrum of light is not required for this process.

T8 grow light can achieve the wavelengths needed for photosynthesis so can produce red and blue light wavelengths if configured correctly. Certainly, this is also the reason why many people switch from traditional lights to growing plants with LED lights. 


What advantages do LED lights have over traditional lights for plants?

The advantages of LED lights compared to traditional lights that you need to know are:

  1. Long life

You may not know, the life of LED lights lasts 5 times longer than normal grow lights. The most remarkable thing is that LED lights can pass 50,000 hours compared to other lighting products. In addition, the lumen quality of the LED is also relatively stable throughout its life, so the light quality is also quite stable for use.

  1. Low energy cost

T8 grow light has significantly less electricity consumption than other traditional grow lights. Specifically, LED lights with an energy consumption level of only 60%-80%, thus also reducing the monthly electricity costs you have to pay.

Model of growing indoor plants with smart LED lights helps to effectively save energy costs.

  1. Low heat emission

Did you know that temperature plays an important role in plant growth? The low heat emission of LEDs makes them more appreciated than other grow lights and makes it easier for growers to control the environment for their plants.

This means that, if you use LED lights to grow plants, you will not have to come with special cooling systems like normal lights.

Refer to the best-selling LED lights for plants

 Led Grow Light

Where to buy grow lights? Typically the T8 grow light, you can order it right to receive many great deals. The lamp provides natural sunlight source, full spectrum 3000K 5000K and IR 660nm 760nm, suitable for all kinds of indoor, greenhouse growing plants. Output consumption is 100W with 225 LEDs for maximum energy savings.


High-energy LED system allows rapid heat dissipation, along with the aluminum material of the light frame. It is to reduce light loss in aisles and walls, increasing light intensity by up to 20%. Hence, the plant can absorb more energy.

This light is specially designed for home growing, while the LED panel uses aluminum to help it cool down effectively instead of using a fan.

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