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Weed LED Grow Light: The Future of Marijuana Industry

Weed LED Grow Light: The Future of Marijuana Industry


How Weed LED Grow Light is Making the Marijuana Industry Better?

People not only use marijuana for recreational purposes. They are now using it for medical purposes as well because of the many benefits it has to offer. So, it will not be wrong to say that this trend is gaining quick recognition all over the world. But, have you ever wondered what the best to grow this stuff is? While many methods allow you to grow weed, the use of weed LED grow light is the most famous and common one. So, if you want to know how this technology is making the marijuana industry better, then keep reading.

weed LED grow light

Which Weed Grow Light is the Worst?

There are many types of weed grow lights for you to choose from. While some of them are suitable to grow weed, others are not. Let’s check out which weed grow lights are not suitable below.

1.      Incandescent Lights

For those of you who do not know what incandescent lights are, they are the standard light bulbs that we use in our daily lives. Generally, these light bulbs are a terrible choice to grow indoor weed. The main reason behind it is that a large amount of their energy output is based on thermal lights as opposed to visual lights. While they are suitable for some specific types of plants, they are not a good choice to grow weed as they are light-requirement plants. So, unless you want to barbecue your indoor weed plant, you’ll do well without them.

2.      Halogen Lights

Halogen lights are also not suitable for growing weed indoors as they are also a subset of incandescent lights. So, they too are responsible for throwing off a lot of heat. The manufacturers use an inert gas such as chlorine, bromine, astatine, iodine, and fluorine in the production of these bulbs. For this reason, they are a suitable candidate for medical applications and floodlights in vehicles. However, they are not that great for growing cannabis.

Which Weed Grow Light is the Best?

Now that you know which lights are not suitable for the growth of cannabis, let’s check out the best weed grow light below.

LED Lights

According to the experts, the weed LED grow light is the best for the growth of marijuana. That’s because they are energy efficient and extremely easy to use and set up. Not only this, but you can also use them for the full cycle of your weed plants. Additionally, they produce much more light per watt as compared to fluorescent lights. This refers to the fact that they run cooler which reduces the risk of fire in your grow room and also the need for the fans. While the majority of the LED grow lights are equipped with built-in small fans and do not require additional cooling, there are some exceptions in special circumstances. Another bonus point of these lights is that they do not require any ballast. Thus, overall, the LED lights offer a much higher yield for the electricity consumption of lower levels.

The Advantages of Weed LED Grow Light in the Marijuana Industry

Using the weed LED grow light can offer you benefits in ways that you never imagined. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

1.      Quick Harvest Cycle

One of the major advantages of using LED grow lights for the production of weed is that you can use them for 24 hours a day with very little effect on the temperature of the crop. This is an extremely important factor in the growth of indoor plants as the crops totally rely on you to tell them what season it is and how they should behave. So, when you use the LED lights, you can change the daylight hours to maximize the plant growth rate. As a result, you can achieve multiple harvests in one single season and increase the production rate.

2.      Increased Lifespan

When you use the right type of weed grow light, you get an increased lifespan as well. For example, with the help of the LED grow lights, you get a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours which is a lot longer than the traditional lighting systems. The major reason for the increased lifespan is that the operating temperature of these lights is extremely low. On the other hand, conventional lights produce a lot of heat which drastically reduces their lifespan. As you get a longer lifespan, this means that you can easily grow crops for many years without the need to replace the lighting system. As a result, your cost reduces as well.

3.      Healthier Weed Plants

Light sources that transmit more UV beams, IR beams, and warmth are counterproductive to plant development. This is because they can make plants consume and dry rapidly, which drives them to require more water and energy to remain alive. With LED grow lights, heat and unsafe frequencies of light are restricted. Thus, the water and energy are utilized to develop and foster better plants and not to just endure.

4.      Cool Operating Temperature

Since the best weed LED grow light technology does not produce a lot of heat, it is unlikely of this technology to produce a temperature of 400 degrees or more. As a result, the operating temperature of your grow room or greenhouse will not be affected much. Not only this, but this eliminates the need of installing a cooling system in your grow area as well.

5.      Target Wavelength

The LED grow lights empower us to control the frequencies of light, which implies we can give plants the specific light they need for photosynthesis. Conventional lighting frameworks radiate a ton of light in the green and yellow frequencies, which plants don't use so a lot. They need green and yellow light, yet not that quite a bit of it. With LEDs, you can give the plants the specific range of light they need. No light goes to waste and you benefit from your energy dollar.

Final Words

To summarize the article, choosing the right type of weed grow light is extremely important if you want to produce the crops in the bulk. We hope the above guide helped you understand the importance of weed LED grow light as these lights are the future of the marijuana industry. However, if you still have anything else to ask, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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