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Dry flower weight up to 255g per plant with GLMX720

Dry flower weight up to 255g per plant with GLMX720

Dry flower weight up to 255g per plant!

Huge shout-out to Richard Okun who conducted the cultivation test with our GLMX720 LED grow light.
PS: During the test, we have added two extra Agromax T5 UVB tubes to test the THC boost capability. Unfortunately, during the test, the timer of the UVB light tube went wrong and the over-exposure to UVB has dramatically burned the plants.
Nevertheless, we have managed to harvest a total of six plants.
The detailed yield data of each strain as below:
1 - LIT - Ice Cream Sundae - 119g/4.2 oz - This plant was damaged somewhat by the UV light timer mishap.
2 - Ethos - Lilac-Diesel RBX1 - 68g/2.4 oz - This is the plant that was almost fried by the UV light problem.
3 - Barneys' Farms - Mimosa EVO - 159g/5.6 oz
4 - Humboldt Seed Org - Chocolate Mint OG - 164g/5.8 oz
The 2 photos that were directly under the 720GLMX as their only light source
5 - Aficionado French Connection - Rosso Corsa - 241g/8.5 oz
6 - Aficionado French Connection - Bellini - 255g/9.0 oz
The 6 plant Tent total - 35.5 oz 994 grams = 2.21lbs

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