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What You Need to Know About Vertical Farming LED Grow Light

What You Need to Know About Vertical Farming LED Grow Light


The Importance of Vertical Farming LED Grow Light

The use of vertical farming LED grow light is becoming more and more popular among farmers these days. The main reason for their popularity is that the luminaries have become more efficient, versatile, and powerful. As a result, they are getting even smarter. That’s why this technology is growing rapidly. Want to know more about the importance of LED lights in vertical farming? Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. So, make sure you stick right to the end!

vertical farming LED grow light

What is Vertical Farming?

Before we dive into details about the vertical farming LED grow light, let’s first talk about what actually vertical farming is. It will help you get a deeper understanding of the use of the technology.

So, for those of you who do not know, it is the practice of producing food on vertically inclined surfaces. The farmers do not produce vegetables and other food on a single level such as a greenhouse or a field. Instead, they produce food on vertically stacked layers. The farmers integrate these layers into other structures such as a shipping container, repurposed warehouse, or a skyscraper.

The farmers use the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology for this purpose. This modern technology uses many indoor farming techniques for this. The indoor production of food and medicine is made possible with the help of the artificial control of light, temperature, humidity, and gases.

So, it will not be wrong to say that vertical farming is extremely similar to greenhouses where artificial lighting and metal reflectors augment natural sunlight. The main goal of vertical farming is to maximize the output of crops in a limited space.

How Does the Vertical Farming Work?

The working of this technology will also help you understand the importance of vertical farming LED grow light. So, if you want to understand the working of this technology, there are four main criteria that you should be aware of. These criteria are as follows:

  1. Physical Layout
  2. Lighting
  3. Growing Medium
  4. Sustainability Features

The main goal of vertical farming is to produce as much food as possible per square meter. So, to accomplish this goal, the farmers cultivate the crops in stacked layers in the structure of the tower life.

The next important thing is to achieve a perfect combination of natural and artificial lights. This perfect combination is crucial to maintain the perfect level of light in the room. You can even use other technologies such as rotating beds that play a great role in improving the efficiency of light.

Thirdly, the farmers use aeroponic, hydroponic, or aquaponic instead of the soil. In addition to this, they also use coconut husks, peat moss, and other similar non-soil mediums as these are extremely common in vertical farming.

Lastly, the method of vertical farming uses different sustainability features that help the farmers offset the energy cost of farming. In fact, you will be surprised to know that vertical farming consumes 95% less water as compared to the other traditional methods of farming.

The Benefits of Vertical Farming LED Grow Light

One thing is certain in vertical farming: the space is extremely valuable in a climate room. As a farmer or a grower, you need to ensure that you can control every minute aspect of the growing process of the crops. This will help you generate a successful output.

However, you need to be efficient and accurate at the same time. That’s because you are in a closed room where the crops need a uniform beam of light to grow efficiently. So, you will need a full spectrum of light throughout the growing process of the crops. This is where the vertical farming LED grow light technology steps in! But, different crops have different lighting requirements depending upon the developing stage they are in. While this may sound like a mission impossible to you, this is not the case. You can achieve this mission with the help of the LED lights.

 Let’s check out some of the advantages of using vertical farming LED grow light technology below.

1.      High Uniformity

One of the main advantages of using the LED lights is that you get a high uniformity with the help of the wide beam angle and high light output. As a result, you will require fewer fixtures to light all the crops. This also means less investment cost. The LED lights ensure high uniformity with the help of the wide beam angle that has an extremely high output. In addition to this, the LED grow lights are incredibly efficient too. As a result, you will have to incur fewer energy costs as well. So, the LED lights will help you have full control over your crops the entire year-round, and that too against competitive operational costs.

2.      Close to Crop Lighting

The LED grow lights are designed in such a way that you get close to crop vertical farming lighting. You can take away the heat that LEDs produce with the help of the fixture through water-cooling that prevents the crops from getting harmed by excessive ventilation or heat. This is what makes this technology extremely useful for multi-layer systems or racks. Another additional benefit of this technology is that the excess heat will not influence the temperature of your growroom which is a frequently occurring problem for vertical farming.

3.      Creates the Perfect Growing Conditions

We all are aware of the fact that every phase of the growing cycle of the crops has its own lighting requirements. So, with the help of the vertical farming LED grow light technology, you can create the ideal growing conditions for whichever phase your crop is in. What more do you want?

vertical farming LED grow light

Final Words

In short, there is no denying the fact that the vertical farming LED grow light technology offers many benefits to the growers or farmers. That’s why it is essential for you to understand its working and benefits in work. We hope the above guide helped you understand the technology in detail. However, if you still have something else to ask, feel free to contact us.

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