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Choose the right LED grow lights for your plants

Commercial Vertical Farming & Single-tier Grow Room

GLMX720 Series LEDs LED grow lights is the ideal horticulture lighting solutions for commercial growers looking for professional LED grow lights of rugged-design, high PPFD output, high yield performance, and full certificates. By using top-bin OSRAM/Samsung/Sanan LEDs, and full industrial design, GLMX720 series LEDs is the perfect choice for your HPS replacement and newly built grow facilities.

Indoor Home Growing with Grow Tents or Grow Rooms

Octopus Series LED grow light is design with the philosophy of “most cost effective with no compromise in quality”. By using top-bin OSRAM/Sanan LEDs, industrial-grade AL6063 aluminum profile heat sink, and also UL-list Sosen LED drivers, Octopus series is able to maintain the high PPFD output, at the same time lower the budget line for home growers who wish to harness the latest LED technology for their growing.

Matrix series is the best quantum board LED grow lights for growers to start their plants growing journeys at a small scale, such as grow tent of 4 x 4ft, 2 x 4ft, 3 x 3ft. It is designed to deliver an intense light output within an small area.

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