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What is the difference between the four models of GLMX720 series LEDs?

GLMX720 Series LEDs are 720W full spectrum LED grow lights that are tailor-made for indoor commercial growers. In order to meet the different requirements of different growers more specifically, we have developed 4 different models, including:
(1) GLMX720
(2) GLMX720 PRO
(3) GLMX720 GEN 2 PRO
(4) GLMX720 H
Please check the comparison chart of the four models as below:

1. LED diodes Difference

These four models have all the same parts except the LED diodes we use on the LED fixtures.

GLMX720 is our standard model of GLMX720 series LEDs. It comes with 2184pcs OSRAM + SANAN high power LED chips. In order to meet the two most significant requirements for commercial cultivation: long lifetime and high efficacy, we have configured all the high-power LEDs into working at relatively low wattage. This practice is essential for slowing the aging process of the LED chips and maintaining the high efficacy output over a long period of more than five years. All the GLMX720 series LEDs are built with the same concept.

Why increase LED diodes quantity will increase the efficacy and slow the aging process of LED lights? Please click here to learn more. 

GLMX720 PRO comes with 2184pcs ALL OSRAM high power LED chips. GLMX720 PRO has also been approved with DLC (Design Light Consortium) qualification. This will enable commercial growers in the USA to apply for DLC rebate from Utility companies.

GLMX720 GEN 2 PRO comes with 2184pcs SAMSUNG 301B + OSRAM high power LED chips.
These three models are specifically preferred by indoor vertical farming growers. The fine-tuned full spectrum including White, Red, Blue, and Infrared not only fits the whole growth cycle of VEG and Bloom but also being able to lead the plants to grow in a more compact way which is ideal for the vertical growers to utilize the space more efficiently.

GLMX720 H comes with 3036pcs ALL OSRAM high power LED chips, and being able to deliver much higher PPF output at the same power input of only 720 watts. This model is more intended to be used in an indoor grow room as a high bay fixture with relatively more vertical space.
In the grow room with the traditional HID lighting or new grow room with relatively high space, when growers want to convert it into LED lighting without utilizing vertical farming methods, GLMX720 H with stronger light output is more suitable to be hanged at a high position. Its higher light output not only can deliver enough photons for the plants directly under it but also cover a larger area of up to 5ft x 5ft per light due to the better overlapping performance with adjacent lights that are also hanged at a high position.

2.Spectrum difference

  • GLMX720
  • GLMX720 PRO
  • GLMX720 GEN 2 PRO

FSCV is a full spectrum suitable for the whole growth cycle of indoor plants from cloning to flowering. This spectrum with high power in blue is intended to grow plants in a more compact way which is essential for vertical farming with limited vertical space. Meanwhile, the balanced power distribution of white, red, infrared not only boosts the plants to grow stronger in the vegetative stage but also creates an ideal light formula for plants to yield more flowers.

  • GLMX720 H

FSCH with balanced power distribution across the whole PAR area is a full spectrum suitable for the whole growth cycle of indoor plants from cloning to flowering. Meanwhile, the enhanced power in red and infrared is ideal for growing plants in a traditional indoor single-level grow room with more vertical space for plants to grow bigger and yield more flowers.
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