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What problems you can face in LED grow light bars planting?

What is the best way to use Grow Bulbs in my planting?


One of the most frequent questions for those interested in planting indoors, is what is the best way to use LED grow light bars in areas where there is no sun, is how to do it? How many lamps to put? What is the best distance and position? These are among several other questions.

In this post, we will help you to know how to assemble your grow, or grow space and which is the best option for purchase.

How can I build my grow?

There are several ways to assemble a grow, from buying a ready-made one to making it yourself, whether with MDF sheets, Styrofoam, ready-made vases and even a cardboard box, it will depend on LED grow light bars and your physical space.

The important thing when setting up your grow is to know what space you have for your little plants.

For small plants, such as chives, peppermint, pepper, lettuce, arugula, etc., you can use a simple vase. One of those found in various department stores, specialty plant stores or decoration stores. The tip is buy small vases that are made of plastic or fiber, which are much lighter and you can fit them anywhere, in your kitchen, living room, bathroom and anywhere you can put the grow lamp on them.

How to assemble LED grow light bars?

A very interesting and simple way to assemble LED grow light bars is with a cardboard box, where you can use the cardboard box upright, with the top of the box facing you, and use the box opening to place the plant, and in the top of the box, make a hole, protect with aluminum foil and fit your grow lamp, and inside, place a small vase with your spices.  

The cost is very affordable, remembering that it is very important not to overuse water in vases that do not have an opening for drainage.

Another really cool tip is to assemble the grow with wood, like making small boxes with the top opening, which resemble troughs.

Is there any type of crop that doesn't work with LED grow light bars?

LED grow light bars "simulate" sound very effectively, so any plant that uses the sun can be grown in your home, of course limiting the physical space of the place and the size that your plant will be, so it is very important know your plantation.

How many lamps to put?

This is a not so easy question to answer, but we can help you answer it for yourself, according to your reality.

The ideal is to always put LED grow light bars on the top and also light bulbs on the sides, this tip is very important, as you will be able to make the leaves at the bottom also receive light and grow more.

Remember that the development of each type of plant has specific details, but you will be able to test the best position of the lamps according to each planting done.

It's important to remember that the lower leaves are bigger precisely because of the lack of light, where they need to increase their size in order to get some light. If the size of the leaves is important in your planting, then it is advisable to place lighting only at the top.

What is the best distance and position for the LED grow light bars?

There is no specific distance, and if you leave it too close, this type of grow lamp WILL NOT burn your plants.

Usually LED grow light bars are placed 1 meter from the plant, but in small plantations there is no possibility of this distance, being only necessary to increase the number of light bulbs so that your entire grow can benefit from the lighting.

You have doubts when choosing the right lighting for your indoor cultivation, or else you feel you haven't mastered enough

What problems growers face in LED grow light bars?


How to extract all possible potential from your plants? Many growers experience problems with the lighting of their grow, especially when certain factors such as being a beginner grower or lack of proper initial planning are added to this equation.

But calm down, its okay now. We have just arrived with this wonderful article that will enlighten you once and for all in this important stage of assembling your ideal crop

Fluorescents LED grow light bars

 Fluorescent LED grow light bars come in different shapes, and the most common are the ones you've surely seen the folks at Jackass smashing into each other.

Although they are more efficient than incandescent bulbs (they produce more light for less electricity), they produce a limited spectrum of light (mostly blue/cold) that is not suitable for stimulating flowering in plants.

CFL, or compact fluorescent lamps, are another popular form of fluorescent lamps, which are also more efficient compared to incandescent lamps, using less energy and lasting longer.

Advantages of LED grow light bars

They are inexpensive and easy to use as they do not require ballast and can fit into small grow spaces;

  • Longer life span compared to incandescent, 10 to 20 times;
  • Low heat production


Fluorescents LED grow light bars produce a limited range of light spectrum and are not suitable for stimulating flowering.

Metal vapor (metal halide, or MH) - The metal vapor lamp mimics light very close to sunlight, producing a cool spectrum light from 2700 to 5500K. This makes it a good option for promoting vegetative plant growth, but like the HPS it will need ballast, as both are part of the same type of high intensity discharge (HID) lamps.

As their stimulation is more for the vegetative phase, many growers use HPS lamps in addition to metal vapor or fluorescent lamps to complete the range of spectrums required.

Advantages of LED grow light bars

  • Produces a light similar to sunlight (6000K);
  • Lasts 5 times longer than incandescent bulbs.


  • They use a lot of energy
  • They operate under high pressure (up to 20atm) and need special reactors
  • Moreover, they need a few minutes to heat up when initially turned on
  • They produce fewer flowers than other types of grow lamps if used during the vegetative state.
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