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How to manage pH with best grow lamps?

How to manage pH with best grow lamps?

best grow lamps
The question from which our reflection starts is the following: why is the pH of the nutrient solution so important for cultivation through best grow lamps? When this value moves from the parameters defined as "normal" the plants begin to slow down their growth and the foliage becomes yellowish. These symptoms could also hide other problems, mind you. But the first thing to do in this case is to carry out a test.

Right pH for healthy growth in indoor best grow lamps cultivation

With the pH level we can measure the acidity and basicity of an aqueous solution or possibly of a chemical compound. When we are on the neutral point we have pure water, whose value is 7.

A good indoor cultivation therefore requires the right pH levels, which are neither too high nor too low. In these two cases, the roots will have problems absorbing nutrients.

When we see signs of deficiencies in our plants, we don't need to add nutrients right away. We need best grow lamps. First, as mentioned above, we need to measure the pH. With an incorrect level the nutrients may be in the substrate but not be able to get to the roots. And the first thing to avoid in this case is an overdose, which causes the plant to die.

How to use best grow lamps for indoor plantation?

If and only if the pH stabilizes in the right range, will we be able to allow our plants to absorb nutrients. And this fact goes hand in hand with irrigation. We will therefore have to analyze the solution with which to irrigate the plants.

 With the pH meter we can thus find out if we are dealing with an acidic or basic compound. If the solution exceeds in acidity then it will need to be corrected through the pH +.

If, on the other hand, it is too basic, you have to work with the pH- , which contains phosphoric acid to reduce the level. In general, the optimal average value is equal to 6.3 - 6.8.

Control pH value through best grow lamps

When we are going to test this value we will always have to get best grow lamps. If the output pH is higher than the nutrient solution, there is a possible accumulation of salts. For this you must avoid recycling the earth and above all wash the pots well before using them.

How to manage the pH: mistakes not to be made

Growing in a grow box with soil we will notice that the pH tends to drop. If, on the other hand, we are talking about a hydroponic cultivation, the effect is the opposite and therefore tends to rise.

 This means that if we make a mistake, in the latter case it will have a faster and more dangerous impact. It is necessary to carefully control the concentration of fertilizers, knowing that in hydroponics the nourishment supplied must maintain a pH between 5.2 and 5.8. For short periods it can tolerate 6.5, but it is good not to risk!

Avoid fluctuating its value excessively, but keep the level within the limits provided. In this way you will have the certainty of favoring the assimilation of different nutrients. It is good to test the level at least once, or twice a day, as the value varies according to the different conditions we recreate in the grow tent.

Excess of fertilizers along with best grow lamps!

When the pH lets control problems emerge, the problem is often caused by an excess of fertilizer. It happens when too much nitrogen is used in the vegetative phase, or when there is a lot of chlorine in the water used for irrigation. In this case, let the water stand for a couple of days before using it.

What is the fundamental point from which to start when we approach indoor cultivation in best grow lamps? It is important to try to recreate an environment that is healthy and healthy for the plants. This means that temperature and humidity will become the two basic parameters from which to start.

You must know that even the most advanced techniques for growing indoors can be irrelevant if these two values ​​are not checked. At the environmental level, in fact, it will always be necessary to take into account any sudden changes, unexpected climatic conditions and act accordingly. 

Moreover, without a careful program that allows them to be organized, you will not be able to count on the success of cultivation. And this affects the quality and good flowering of the plants.

Relative humidity in the best grow lamps box

If we let the latter reach 100%, our best grow lamps will not be able to absorb water vapor. It will in fact be saturated and the water will settle between the walls, leaves and vases. Unfortunately, humidity is the most delicate factor, as it is difficult to understand how much there is in the air. 

 best grow lamps

It is no coincidence that we will speak of “relative humidity” because it is not an absolute value. The ability of air to retain water vapor is relative and alters according to the same temperature. Generally hot air holds more moisture, while cold air does so less. The important thing is to find the right balance!

For example, if the humidity goes over 90%, the air fills with water and we will not have the correct transpiration from the stomata of the leaves. In this way, you risk running into mold and mildew. If, on the other hand, the humidity drops below 40%, the plant closes the stomata. Also in this case we will not have the correct perspiration and the growth rate slows down.

Ideal temperature and humidity in the grow box

The humidity to be maintained to maximize indoor cultivation must be faithful to these values:

  • During the germination phase: humidity at 80%;
  • In the vegetative phase: between 60% and 70%;
  • At the time of flowering: between 50% and 60%.

As for the temperature instead you will have to refer to these parameters:

  • During the germination phase: between 18 ° and 24 °;
  • In the growth phase: between 14 ° and 29 °;
  • At the time of the flowering phase: between 14 ° and 27 °.

The importance of the best grow lamps

The best grow lamps will therefore be very important in order to always give a value to the humidity in the grow room.  For example, if we have the same amount of water vapor in two different environments, do you know what could happen? In a hot environment the air will hold more water vapor and the thermo hygrometer will give a humidity value that is lower than in an environment kept at a cold temperature.

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