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The Concept behind Grow Light Lamp for Indoor Plantation

The Concept behind Grow Light Lamp for Indoor Plantation

Grow light lamp is the latest, innovative technology. It allows you to grow indoor plants in a simple and efficient way. A cultivation system has made it possible for everyone to have a vegetable garden at home with excellent results. You can grow from hemp to vegetables up to the cannabis light business.

 Grow Light Lamp

They are excellent lighting systems that use light emitting diodes to generate light. There are different types and models. They can generate more or less power. Moreover, they have more or less low costs, different duration and quality of the final product. There are many different solutions to meet all the growers' requests and needs.

LED lamps, different technologies and different advantages

Let's see some models of low consumption grow light lamp for indoor cultivation: on the market, specifying that they are all Full Spectrum

  • Indoor

The Indoor model is the simplest and most affordable LED lamp on the market: just activate the switch. We can access the system immediately. Thanks to their ease of use, they are ideal especially for those approaching this form of cultivation for the first time.

They guarantee low consumption, high thermal resistance and a light spectrum very close to that of the sun but do not offer any possibility of regulation.

For some time now, the strong interest linked to LED cultivation has spread to reach various sectors:

  • medical herbs
  • chilli
  • strawberries and many others

 This prompted us to want to create a practical guide for anyone interested in using grow light lamp. It is in order to encourage the indoor cultivation of their plants. Just think that at first the use of LED lights was not well received within the community of indoor growers.

Why choose grow light lamp?

To date, several LED lighting systems have become extremely efficient, so much so that they far exceed the classic HID lamps. This goal was achieved thanks to technological progress, which made these devices competitive.

Their consumption is very low compared to traditional methods, they are built with materials of excellent workmanship, have an extremely longer life and have reduced dimensions. The biggest advantage of LEDs is the ability to generate less heat. For this reason the lamps do not require additional installations of cooling systems.

Where to place grow light lamp?


Once you place grow light lamp in a grow room, you can easily control the temperatures with great ease, using this function especially in summer. In fact, precisely in the hottest periods, the greatest risk for a flowering plant becomes that of growing in environments with excessive temperatures.

 During the winter, however, the situation stabilizes, since in certain areas there is a great need to increase the heat. By increasing the lighting, using LED lights, you will be sure not to see the electricity consumption increase in an exaggerated way.

Since we are talking about the concept of illumination, we cannot fail to include the spectra of light. LED lights, unlike since we are talking about the concept of illumination, we cannot fail to include the spectra of light.

Every Plant Requirement is different for grow light lamp

Grow light lamp is easy to optimize in this important aspect. Flowering plants typically need more light spectra, particularly when they are in the growth phase.

 For this reason, by installing blue and white lighting systems, you will be able to enhance the growth phase, while with a greater number of red spectra you can work on the flowering phase. However, the best idea remains to install different spectra in a single plant. It is to better follow the entire life cycle of the plants you want to grow.

Par light spectrum photosynthesis

You can see our models of Apollo ii led lamps models equipped with infrared and ultraviolet of the Indoor LED series.

LEDs are synonymous with balance and right balance

Another advantage that should not be underestimated is strictly connected with the concept of heat and energy saving. You should know that grow light lamp emit the right amount of heat and, according to your needs. We can place at a shorter distance from the plants.

 It is easy to say that if we reduce the distance, the intensity of the light will be greater. Therefore the quantity of µmoles will optimize the use of lamps and energy. But be careful: each light must necessarily respect the right balance between range and light intensity.

For this reason, we advise you to always carefully consult the indications mentioned in the technical data sheet, and only at that point you can think about how to best structure the correct positioning of the lamp in your cultivation environment.

How to record value of grow lights plants?

 When it comes to cultivation we cannot ignore one of the most important aspects: the use of water to irrigate plants. In a grow room that is optimal we will always have a defined temperature and never too hot. Heat is closely related to the evaporation of water.

This value reduces in parallel with a temperature that is not excessive. In this way you will never have to over-irrigate to avoid damaging the roots of the plants.

What changes by reducing the water intake?

The question arises spontaneously! A lower demand for water intake also leads to a reduction in the intake of nutrients. The process is very simple: when the heat is less, the evaporation of the water is reduced, reducing the amount of nutrients that evaporate with it.

Thus your fertilizers will be assimilated, for growth and development, more efficiently. You can therefore also save on fertilizers and fertilizers (about 30%), as these processes improve and the accumulation of salts in the substrate is further reduced.

Conclusion grow light lamp

We can therefore say that while it represents an important economic investment, growing with grow light lamp is the most effective and efficient choice you can make. We wanted to share with you a series of advantages in order to help you get to know this complex world that can help you improve the results you have set yourself to achieve on a daily basis.

Temperature under control

Furthermore, these lamps are able to maintain an always regulated temperature inside the greenhouse, not excessively heating the surrounding environment and giving the grower an excellent indoor cultivation experience.
Grow Light Lamp

In doing so, in fact, it is not necessary to have any cooling system.

Adjustable light

The latest generation grow light lamp come with efficient systems that allow them to irradiate the light in the most suitable way according to the needs of the grower and the growth phase in which the cultivated plant is located.

For example, in the central phase of cultivation, when the plant develops, the supply of light must be greater than the initial and final ones.

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