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How to choose best grow light 2021 for indoor plants?

How to choose best grow light 2021 for indoor plants?

There are many people who dream of being able to approach the world of indoor cultivation. We do not have enough information to start this process in total safety and serenity. In many cases, in fact, we still rely on the use of best grow light 2021. We do not know new solutions capable of guaranteeing superior results.

 best grow light 2021

Among these solutions we can mention for example the grow lights. This is to guarantee you a series of improvements rely on new technologies. We have studied and developed to optimize the cultivation processes. Furthermore, we can use new techniques that demonstrate how obsolete HPS lamps have become.

Below you will find a series of valid reasons for preferring indoor cultivation by means of best grow light 2021. You can get comfortable and let's start our study right away.

Constant temperature through best grow light 2021

The most relevant aspect in the use of the 2 lamp technologies links to the heat. They develop and specifically to the temperature to which the plants subject. In the room where you will grow your plants, you will always feel a difference of 5-6 degrees compared to the rest of the house.


Thanks to several studies carried out in the field, it has emerged that the optimal temperature for growing your crop is about 26 degrees. In this way the plants are allowed to breathe and exchange liquids with the surrounding environment. They can then rehydrate from the soil, absorbing the nutrients necessary for rapid growth.

Better heat management with best grow light 2021

Best grow light 2021 is closely linked to the concept of temperature, because in the specific case of HPS lamps. They give off heat below. We know that the environment will register a temperature of 24 degrees. It becomes 29 in the part that is illuminated.

Definitely not recommended! The LED versions, on the other hand, produce less heat. They increase their luminous efficiency and maintain a definitely higher and constant ambient temperature.

As a reference for the correct temperature, always try to keep a range that varies from 26 to 32 degrees Celsius. If you exceed these values, you will only compromise the growth and development phase of your crops.

How to maintain temperature with best grow light 2021?

Once the vegetative phase reaches, temperature management will be more complicated. You will always have to work only on a temperature that oscillates between 26 and 27 degrees. Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the humidity. This must be at a value of about 40%, both in the vegetative and growth phase.


Correct positioning

Here we enter into a delicate and fundamental discourse: where should we place our best grow light 2021? This argument goes hand in hand with the importance of the area to illuminate and with the positioning height. There are 3 related parameters that you will have to learn to know and understand before proceeding.

 Let's suppose for example you have two Octopus 640 grow light and in this case you will have to position them 60 centimeters away from each other.

How does best grow light 2021 work?

This is because a lamp in its central area covers an area equal to a square of 60 centimeters on each side; in its marginal areas, on the other hand, it also covers square surfaces with 90 centimeters on each side but with a lower intensity.

So if you learn to calculate a distance of 60 centimeters from the center you can have an optimal irradiation; it is a process that may at first appear much more complicated than you think.

Height from the plant

Once you have learned how to position your Led lamps, we move on to the concept of height. In this case the best distance to position them from the top of the plant is given by a value that is between 30 and 35 centimeters.

You will always have to try to leave the right space for the plant to grow: if you have to rely on a lamp with a higher wattage then always remember to increase the distance, because in the case of a 350 watt you can even go up to 40-45 cm.

How to avoid problems?

To avoid problems you will have to remember to check the growth process as the plants develop, the cone of light will tend to expand and irradiate in an increasingly less functional way towards the lower part of the plant. There are therefore some types of LED lamps that are equipped with glasses built to avoid widening the light beam, so that the cone is increasingly narrow.

Use Best Soil

The soil is a detail that should never be ignored, especially when you want to cultivate at home. It is always advisable to prefer the use of a soil that is thin. It is in order to allow proper drainage without however retaining excessively the humidity of the environment.
best grow light 2021

If we choose to rely on the best grow light 2021 it is good to rely on a soil with hydroponic cultivation. The water should always be at a constant temperature that varies between 19 and 21 degrees. In this case it may also be necessary to request the use of a refrigeration system.

Basically it is always better to check that the characteristics of a good soil are rich in nutrients. You will be sure to increase the growth of your plants quantitatively and qualitatively. This will certainly cost a little more, but quality has its price, never forget that.

Effective ventilation system

There is no cultivation without the right ventilation: using LED lamps it is essential to check this aspect too, knowing that they usually produce less heat. However, this does not mean that it is not necessary to pay attention to this step.

 How do you proceed in this case? You will always have to use a good air extractor for your growing system at least 3-4 times then to always be able to maintain an environment that has natural characteristics.


At this point you will have learned to know the 7 most valid reasons that revolve around indoor cultivation by exploiting the use of best grow light 2021, a product that has surpassed HPS in technology and performance.

There is no longer a single simple way to go, but you choose what is best for the indoor cultivation of your plants, first of all going to save considerably on the electricity bill.

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