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Trending Best grow lights for marijuana in 2021

Trending Best grow lights for marijuana in 2021

How to Choose Effective LED Grow Lights?

Best grow lights for marijuana are a completely different type of LED lights compared to conventional LED lights. LED grow lights are professional LEDs. Project the correct spectral wavelengths for photosynthetic plants. Moreover, the lamps project spectral wavelengths in the range of 380 - 750nm.

 Best grow lights for marijuana

Currently, on the market, there are many types of LED grow lights. They come with many different:

  • Designs
  • Models
  • and prices

 However, how to maximize the benefits of lights to help plants grow best and not waste power consumption? Users should note a few things as follows:

1. Using lights for the purpose of maintaining life for indoor plants

We only need to use Best grow lights for marijuana with two fixed wavelengths of spectrum, usually 460nm Green and 660nm Red and depending on each group of plants, there is a combination. Mixed green and red ratios. Additional lighting time for plants from 10-12 hours/day is to ensure photosynthesis and normal growth.

  1. Using lights for the purpose of stimulating plant growth

We should use lights with a blue light band with a wavelength of 425-475nm and a red light band with a wavelength from 620-730nm and also with a ratio Green – Red is suitable for that group of plants.

Characteristics of the Best grow lights for marijuana

Based on the characteristics of the photoperiod of the plant, whether it is a long-day plant or a short-day plant, it is determined how much time of light for plants in a day to stimulate and regulate early or late flowering for plants, as well as a stimulant for plant growth.

Two Main types of Best grow lights for marijuana

 In addition to the above factors, users need to pay attention to the classification of lights. Currently, there are two main types of Best grow lights for marijuana:

  • Professional growing  lamps
  • Fragmented-variety lamps

In fact, these two lamps in terms of use are not too different. The cost of the separated spectrum lamps is much higher. Therefore, when deciding to choose the type of led light, users should carefully consider the economy.

Trending Best grow lights for marijuana

Therefore, the trend of growing vegetables at home is becoming more and more popular in every family. In rural areas, this is very easy to do because of the fertile, fertile land and large land bank.

However, with urban areas, especially high-rise buildings, it is quite difficult. There we have to grow vegetables in an area that does not have enough light due to shading, or is required to grow indoors.

How to choose the right type of Best grow lights for marijuana?

Natural light from the sun does not provide enough for plants to photosynthesize. It is imperative that we use artificial light from bulbs instead. How to choose the right type of Best grow lights for marijuana? The following blog would like to share some useful information for you.

Lighting bulb type

Traditional light bulbs like incandescent use a lot of electricity to produce light. Their waste radiates to the outside as heat or infrared radiation.

 Best grow lights for marijuana

Fluorescent lights help solve the electricity problem. They contain harmful chemicals and emit ultraviolet radiation. They are not good for the health of the user as well as our living environment.

Best grow lights for marijuana are environmentally friendly

Best grow lights for marijuana appeared to solve all the inadequacies that traditional lights encounter. It is very high conversion efficiency from electricity to light; the lamp does not emit much heat, does not emit ultraviolet radiation, does not contain harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly.

Moreover, the lamp can emit optional light zones suitable for plants such as at the stage of sowing, growing or stimulating flowering.

Best grow lights for marijuana Lighting intensity.

Although the light intensity is different according to different plants.

Plants that are adapted to strong light are often planted in spring or summer such as watermelon, pumpkin, tomato, etc.

Some plants and vegetables are suitable for low light intensity such as lettuce, bok choy, black umbrella

Some are suitable for medium light intensity such as cabbage, cabbage, kohlrabi...

Best grow lights for marijuana Lighting time.

Long day plants: flowers only when the day is longer than 12 hours. Like strawberries, lettuce, carrots…


Short-day plants: if the plant is exposed to light for more than 12 hours, the plant will not flower like papaya, eggplant, corn.

Neutral plants: These are plants that can flower at any time such as peppers, tomatoes, gourds, squash...

Best grow lights for marijuana Light color.

In the past, it was thought that in order for plants to photosynthesize, they needed a light source with a full spectrum like sunlight. But Best grow lights for marijuana have solved this problem. 

However, after much research, scientists have shown that plants can photosynthesize with light located in narrow regions of the spectrum.

Best grow lights for marijuana is responsible for photosynthesis

Chlorophyll, the pigment present in plants responsible for photosynthesis, absorbs light in the 450nm and 660nm wavelength regions, which are the bands of blue and red light.

The LED grow lights manufactured by manufacturers are mainly focused on emitting light in these two wavelength regions.

Lighting purpose

Best grow lights for marijuana emit light at 450nm wavelength corresponding to blue light to help plants grow and develop and also suitable at the seeding stage.

LED grow lights emit light at a wavelength of 660nm that will help plants flower and fruit.

In addition, some specialized lamps also emit UVC ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 254nm to help kill bacteria for plants.

Planting space to choose the right Best grow lights for marijuana.

Finally, pay attention to the planting space to choose the right lights. Large spaces that use low-power lights, not enough to cover the light area for plants, will cause the plants to grow unevenly.

Or a small space uses large-capacity lamps, which consumes power; the amount of heat emitted has a lot of negative effects on the plants.

Currently, the demand for indoor plants and Best grow lights for marijuana is growing strongly in urban areas. It is due to the prolonged working and living time at home during the increasing Covid-19 period. we will help you gain more understanding about the selection of led lights for indoor plants.

How to entertain and relax your mind?

Currently, a lot of office workers have to stay at home to work due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and students also have to study at home, do not go to school, and cannot go out to socialize, creating a high demand for images.

In this way you can entertain and relax your mind during isolation, living at home. Among the forms of entertainment that are good for mental health are planting trees, growing vegetables, raising aquatic animals, etc.


This demand of Best grow lights for marijuana is especially high among families living in apartments, high-class apartments but the first obstacle is that the house has no garden, no light. Understanding this need, we want to help you understand more about the problem of light for plants.

 We must know the photosynthetic mechanism of each houseplant as well as aquatic plants.

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