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How to use quantum board LED grow light for vertical garden?

How to use quantum board LED grow light for vertical garden?

quantum board LED grow light
 When choosing quantum board LED grow light for indoor vertical gardens, you should choose lamps.  Furthermore, they should come with technology that simulates sunlight. Specifically for each type of tree:

Vertical flower garden:

 With a flower garden, the most suitable distance from the leaf surface to the lamp is 1m. Lighting time from 12-14 hours/day

Vertical garden for growing vegetables:

The distance to hang lights is from 1.3 to 1.5m. The best lighting time is from 10-12 hours/day.

Using quantum board LED grow light in growing plants

You need to pay attention when choosing the right hydroponic led lights for plants. If you don't choose the right type of light, the plants will not be able to photosynthesize or produce fruit.

With a hydroponic environment, you can prioritize choosing quantum board LED grow light. Moreover, they integrate blue and red light. Hence, it provides a spectrum of suitable wavelengths for hydroponic vegetables.

Lighting time can be from 10-12 hours/day or less depending on the type of plant.

When using LED grow lights for hydroponic vegetables, you should cover the lamp with a waterproof plastic tip. Furthermore, it is to avoid shorting the circuit when in contact with water or when watering the plants.

Photoelectric quantum board LED grow light

Currently, we are an enterprise with a large scale of manufacturing lighting products and electrical equipment.

Use indoor grow lights when growing flowers

When using indoor led flower lights, you should group plants to choose the right type of light and lighting time.

With this group of plants, it is best to use red light leds (light wavelength from 620nm-660nm). Hence, it creates the best photosynthesis conditions for plants to grow green.

With the group of long-day plants, depending on the variety, the quantum board LED grow light time will be different. But usually the lighting time for plants in each phase is 15-21 days; average is 3 times/year; Lighting time per night is 5-7 hours.

Rang Dong Led Lights

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Quantum board LED grow light

Quantum board LED grow light provides energy-saving and environmentally friendly green lighting products, services, systems & solutions.

In general, depending on whether the tree is a large tree or a small tree, the direction is wide and long, but the grower will adjust the light to suit each stage of the tree's growth. In addition, depending on the period, the plants will need colored light like.

If you change the ratio of light, light intensity, and lighting time appropriately, you will be able to make good use of this light source. Moreover, it will help plants grow green, shorten growth time, and create crop products. Hence, it brings highest productivity. From there, it helps to save the cost of planting and caring. Similarly, it brings the most practical benefits to the grower.

Latest Quantum board LED grow light Technology

The latest Quantum board LED grow light technology will provide longer life than conventional bulbs. Philips LED lights are sure to bring you comfort as soon as they are turned on. LED bulbs offer significant, immediate energy savings while improving your home's cozy atmosphere.

 quantum board LED grow light

With today's modern life, the use of LED lights to grow vegetables at home or on a large scale is being widely applied and is seen as a useful solution for places with poor lighting conditions.

However, many people still do not know this type of temple, so they are still skeptical about using it, as well as not knowing how to use it to maximize its uses. To solve those problems, today we will share more details for you to learn about the useful and popular LED grow lights today.

What is LED Photo synthesizer?

Many people feel new to this type of light and misunderstand that Quantum board LED grow light for growing vegetables are the same as conventional lights for lighting, but it's not true. This is a line of lights.

 Hence, it only focuses on the correct spectrum wavelengths. Similarly, it is to help plants photosynthesis, and conventional LED lights do not focus on this problem, but focus on the main purpose of lighting. This is also the main note that you need to keep in mind when buying LED lights for growing plants.

Furthermore, you need to buy the right kind of specialized lights to bring higher lighting efficiency.

Quantum board LED grow light emits light with the correct wavelength for the plant's spectral light wavelength. It is to help plants grow and develop even in low light conditions.

Benefits of growing plants with LED lights:

Help plants grow and develop better

These lamps produce optimal light wavelengths that promote faster and efficient photosynthesis of plants. Plants can grow and develop better, at a faster rate, regardless of dependent on sunlight. If you use the right LEDs for your plants, plants can grow up to 2.5 times larger than normal.

Making planting and growing vegetables easier and more flexible:

Instead of spending more time and effort researching whether the weather conditions are right for your crops, you can place the lights anywhere you want without having to worry about any problems.

Quantum board LED grow light can grow plants and vegetables anywhere such as: in the basement, in the container, in the house or in the room without windows...

Keep product flavor stable, increase nutritional content

The color of the lamp not only helps the growth and development of the plant, but also is common to improve the taste and quality of the crop, and to increase the nutritional content of the product.

Stockbridge Technology Center (STC) in the UK did an experiment on tomato plants. They grow in a greenhouse has shown. The technique of using LED light spectrum optimizes for crops. The taste of the product will be uniform at all times of the year. Hence, it comes regardless of whether it is harvested in summer or winter.

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