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How much dimmable LED grow light I need for indoor planting?

How much dimmable LED grow light I need for indoor planting?

What is a dimmable LED grow light?

The term dimmable LED grow light comes from the word Crescer, and is used for this new type of lights having capacity to be dimmed that enable the growth of plants where there is little or no incidence of sunlight. Grow lights have been on the market for a long time, but they were used by agribusiness companies in their incubator.

 dimmable LED grow light

Moreover, they can control temperature, humidity and incidence of the sun (simulation) for certain cultures, or new cultures, in order to obtain the maximum benefit culture and tests, not depending on the actual climate for such results. Indoor cultivation for quality control, controller development and genetic improvement using these lights

This type of light became popular from the moment that prices became viable for domestic use, from then on; sales of this type of light in the market were boosted.

How can the dimmable LED grow light help my plant?

The dimmable LED grow light works with light bands, which are ideal for all stages of the plant, both vega and flora. Some models of lights still have IR and also UV LEDs. This manages to get even closer to sunlight, as is the example of these two 80w lights.

Through these light bands, these grow lights are able to simulate the sun in a very satisfactory way, so that your plant can enjoy a “small sun” even without having direct contact with it.

The efficiency of these lights comes to surprise even the most skeptical, as it is possible to see the development of plants based on the use of these lights.

What is the amount of lumens in dimmable LED grow light?

This type of dimmable LED grow light emits light bands that cannot be measured with a luxmeter, that is, it is not possible to know the real lumen power of a grow light.

There are many products that show the amount in lumens, but unfortunately these are unreal numbers and cannot be taken as reality or comparison.

How do I know the light power I should use?

Light bulbs use Watts references, but just to get an idea compared to an incandescent bulb. To get an idea of ​​which light to buy, you can check the area and height of your location. For example, we can give a 1 meter tall plant that has a diameter of 1 meter.

In this case a 48 watt dimmable LED grow light would be the enough for her, already for larger areas, an 80w light, or even larger, depending on the area.

What is the best distance and position for the dimmable LED grow light?

There is no specific distance, and if you leave it too close, this type of grow light will not burn your plants.

Many people are happy to grow plants, most of them like environments with a little green. Bringing more nature into the home is even a current trend in architecture and decoration, even more so with increasingly smaller homes, where the garden is disappearing or shrinking considerably.

Is it possible to grow plants after combining lights?

Fortunately, nowadays there are ways to grow indoors and have beautiful results: you can combine LED dimmable LED grow lights and growing plants.
dimmable LED grow light

In addition to being great ways to light, LED lights can be allies of your plants, stimulating their development.

Read on and learn in which situations to use this combination, know how to choose and understand how to do it all at home!

 When can I use LED bulbs?

You can use them in any situation. The role of artificial lighting is to increase the exposure of plants to light, in order to ensure that they carry out more photosynthesis and, consequently, develop better and faster.  The advantage of dimmable LED grow light is that they do not heat up and therefore do not burn the plant.


You can have plants with lights specially selected for them. This will facilitate care, as it will not be necessary to move the vase to receive sunlight, for example.

Another way to use it is with succulents or small pots that you keep indoors. An LED strip will light up and still make the arrangement look beautiful.  The bathroom is another interesting environment for flowers or foliage to stay beautiful for longer.

Why choose dimmable LED grow light?

In addition to the benefit of not heating up, dimmable LED grow light is the most economical and has an excellent cost-benefit ratio. They last up to 25 times longer than fluorescents and are very economical — they use 80% less energy. Finally, they do not have mercury in their composition and do not release any toxins into the environment.

What is the best type of LED for growing plants?

There are several colors or temperatures of LED, some of which are more interesting for vegetables. The most suitable color is blue, which enhances photosynthesis.  However, white light, made by mixing blue, red and green colors, is the one that best imitates the sun, which is interesting for all phases of the plant.

If the idea is to have a mini-greenhouse, you can opt for dimmable LED grow light, which are special light panels for indoor cultivation. Now, if you just want to improve the incidence of light on vases, use LED strips, spots and lights.  Be careful to leave a minimum distance of a foot so that you don't stress the plant — too much light isn't good either.

How to choose LED lights?

To start using LED in plants, first learn more about the species you want to grow. Some will require 12 and even 18 hours of light followed by darkness, while others will have no restrictions.

If the objective is to grow or maintain the green, the blue light is the most indicated. However, if you want to see flowers or fruits, white light will do the best job.

Finally, decide if you will use the LED strips or if you will need to pull some electrical connection to install lights or panels.  In this case, call a professional to avoid short circuits.  See how dimmable LED grow light and growing plants are a great pairing for having more nature at home — and in a sustainable way?

Conclusion Dimmable LED grow light

Grow lights help your culture a lot, and you can spend very little doing this, also remembering that the consumption of these lights is very low, which at the end of the month won't make much difference in your energy bill.

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