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Useful Tips to Choose led Grow Lights Factory China

Useful Tips to Choose led Grow Lights Factory China



Do you know the main criteria for deciding to buy from led grow lights factory China for your cultivation? Do you know how to buy the right lighting for your grow? The dimensions of the space and the quantity of plants are important to observe

 It matters when deciding on the type and power of lighting necessary for the good development of the plant. Also, another criterion is checking the amount of light that will actually be useful for the plants. This number comes through the concept of photo synthetically active radiation (PAR), as we have discussed here in the blog.

What are led grow lights?

Technically led grow lights factory China actually absorb to carry out photosynthesis. And, consequently, plants grow and develop and needs to be taken into account when analyzing the right lighting for grows.

Some people think that PAR is the measure of all the light that comes from a light source (steam lamp and LED panel), but this is not the case. PAR is the amount of light that is usable for plants, those wavelengths that will be common for photosynthesis.

What should be the amount of led grow lights?

The amount of PAR is easy to measure in any type of light source, steam lamps, LEDs, fluorescent lamps and the Sun itself. However, LED panels are more promising in this regard. They specifically emit light precisely in the certain wavelengths. Moreover, the plant will absorb, raising the PAR measurement to meet the needs of the plants.

Therefore, the criteria for choosing a really efficient led grow lights factory China is important. The right lighting for the grow is relevant to the evaluation of the space. Also take into account the number of plants and LED characteristics in relation to photo synthetically active light emission. That is, how much PAR lights the panel is capable of emitting to a given area.

Always Choose the right amount of led grow light

One of our readers wrote a message saying that he wants to purchase an LED panel for grows. This is 1.35m wide, 1.35m long and 1.80m high. He intends to grow 8 plants and wants to know which LED panel would meet this need and if it is the right lighting for grow.

Let's look at the example:


He wants to light up a space that is 1.35 x 1.35 m, that is, an area of ​​approximately 1.8 m2 (1.35 m x 1.35 m = 1.82 m2). Let's take a look at the illustrative table of Samsung's Quantum 1000W LED panel with diodes.

 When hung at a height of 50cm from the plants this model panel is capable of emitting approximately 2480 umol of PAR light per square meter, and covers an approximate area of ​​1.58m2.

How to connect led grow lights panel?

So, connecting a 1000w led grow lights factory China panel with Samsung diodes to grow, the reader would be able to fully illuminate a good part of its total area of ​​1.8m2.

But would the light of this panel model be enough for the eight plants he intends to grow? For this, two other issues must be considered:

The amount of PAR light reaching the center of grow light, directly below the light source, is greater than the amount of PAR light reaching the side areas. This illustrates the illuminated area of ​​a grow, it is easy to see that a plant positioned in the center of the grow (region in red) would receive about 2480 PAR. Plants positioned in the corners would receive only about 1222 PAR.

Perfect Panel for plants

Considering that the Quantum 1000W LED panel emits about 2480 PAR in an area of ​​one square meter, this would be enough for about 9 plants. This could be well accommodated in this space.

For more plants, the suggestion would be to use a second panel in the same grow, as the plants positioned on the sides would receive a smaller amount of PAR light. Or even use a Grow Led COB panel, which has lenses that amplify the emitted light.

What benefits grow lights provide?


Starting led grow lights factory China pays off in terms of energy savings and ease of installation. If the grower is very attentive and makes the calculations on the amount of PAR x number of growing plants, he can obtain excellent results, always remembering to ensure that each plant receives around 400 PAR in the growth phase, for example.


See below the table that shows the amount of PAR light emitted by each panel model sold by Green Power. Also note that as you increase the height of the panel in relation to the plants, the amount of PAR light reaching those decreases and the area actually lit increases.

That is, the closer to the plants the panel is, the greater the amount of useful light they will receive, but the fewer plants are easy to cultivate. The further away from the plants the panel is, the less useful light they will receive. However, the more plants are easy to grow with led grow lights factory China. The key is to do the math and find a balance.

What is the ideal type of grow light?

The lighting is one of the most important aspects when it comes to indoor cultivation. Determining which lamps are ideal to be common at each stage of cultivation is one of the factors that deserve attention from growers. After all, this is one of the main requirements for obtaining quality cultivation.

However, when acquiring the ideal led grow lights factory China, it is necessary to take into account a series of situations and possibilities. Among the elements that must be analyzed are:

  • the total space
  • desired lighting area
  • amount of planned plants
  • lighting intensity according to the environment
  • local ventilation
  • desired production and the desired energy consumption.

Each of the available lamps will serve a different aspect and a specific stage of indoor cultivation. Given this scenario, the grower can choose between four types of lamps to be installed in the grow: fluorescent, HQI (metal vapor), HPS (sodium vapor) and LED.


To make the choice, it is necessary to take into account the stage of cultivation. For the vegetative phase, the ideal led grow lights factory China are fluorescent, HQI and LEDs. As for the flowering stage, it is better to use HPS and LED lamps. However, there are other factors that must be evaluated to define the ideal lamps for indoor cultivation.

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