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LED Grow Light For Cannabis: The Impact of Color Spectrum

LED Grow Light For Cannabis: The Impact of Color Spectrum


The Impact of Color Spectrum

The healthy growth of plants, such as cannabis requires adequate light. As a plant grower, you must supply quality light to your plants for proper growth. Light is the most powerful thing you need for the production of more high-quality cannabis buds. It is why most professional growers recommend using a LED grow light for cannabis.

You must use the correct light wavelengths to ensure your cannabis buds become potent. Cannabis is a highly light-sensitive plant. You must adjust the frequency, intensity, and color of the light according to different growth stages. It is why indoor growers need a complete color spectrum to maximize the growing abilities and budding of plants.

Today, we will talk about the impact of the color spectrum on growing cannabis. We will try to explain why the LED grow light for cannabis is essential. If you are a beginner grower, this guide holds crucial information for you.

LED grow light for cannabis

LED Grow Light for Cannabis and the Impact of Color Spectrum

We all get amazed by looking at the different colors of a rainbow. A rainbow occurs once the white light disperses through the water vapor. The refracted light forms individual colors, making the white light. Wavelength is present in every single color of the rainbow. Different visible light wavelengths create the colors of the rainbow that we see. This visual spectrum has wavelengths from 700nm – 400nm (red end to violent edge). Here, ‘nm’ means nanometers. The reason behind these colors is that objects absorb some wavelengths and reflect others.

For instance, a green color leaf will engross all colors except green. It reflects away the green color that we see. We do not consider white and black as colors. They are brightness and shade. A black object absorbs all spectra of visible lights and a white object reflects it. It is the reason why a dark object quickly gets hot on a bright sunny day. Dark objects absorb more energy from light and release it as heat.

Impact of Light Spectrum on Cannabis Plants Growth

We have several types of LED grow lights from different brands to buy. Therefore, you have the luxury of choosing the best LED grow light for cannabis according to your requirements. Different grow lights come with unique benefits as well as some possible downsides. Most grow lights provide different light colors. It is sometimes known as the light temperature. We get an entire spectrum of light in the natural sunlight.

The wavelength energy amount changes as the seasons change during the entire year. The sunlight becomes heavy with blue and green wavelengths during the summer season. During the fall, it provides a more red light because the sun becomes lower and the days become shorter. This variation in the wavelength duration and intensity tells animals and plants to get ready for seasonal changes. The same thing applies to cannabis plants.

Types of Grow Lights

We have several types of grow lights available that growers can choose for their indoor plants. However, the most common ones are as follows:

1. Cool White CFL Bulb

It is an ideal choice for seedlings and young cuttings. The varieties of cool white                offer a huge blue light spectrum that encourages new growth. Such lights produce around 50w energy that is not sufficient for growing cannabis on a large scale. However, this lighting solution is perfect for small-scale cannabis growth at home.

2. Blue Red LED

The blue-red LED grow light for cannabis ranges in energy outputs between 100w to 1000w. This light is known for providing a great amount of lighting energy at the smallest energy footprint as compared to conventional grow lights. Many of these lights come with an additional switch that allows you to throw additional red lights to promote flowering.

3. HPS (High-Pressure-Sodium)

HPS lights provide plenty of yellow, orange, and red light energy to the plants. You can use these lights during your flowering phase. During a flowering phase, HPS light wavelengths prove advantageous to promote flowering.

When growing indoor plants, you will try to match the ideal outdoor conditions. Every single phase of plantation growth will be exposed to different light wavelengths for maintaining the bud formation and photosynthesis process. You can enhance your plant growing skills by understanding the sunlight’s natural changes and how a plant reacts to it.

Here are the different light color spectrums that impact cannabis plants:

  • Ultraviolet spectrum
  • Violet spectrum
  • Blue spectrum
  • Green spectrum
  • Red spectrum
  • Yellow spectrum

To choose the most appropriate color spectrum for your plant, it is important to learn and create a better understanding of available spectrums. Usually, people talk about light as “warm” or “cool”. It defines the spectrum colors from red to violet. You will find cool colors at the light spectrum’s lower end. On the other side, warm colors (red, orange, yellow) will be on the spectrum’s higher end.

Best Colors for Cannabis Seedling, Growth, and Flowering

Blue is the best light color for the seedling. Sprout will grow and stretch tall if the blue light is not adequate. This stage doesn’t require much light energy because the plant is so small at the seedling stage. You can use a cool white 50w CFL bulb for cuttings and seedlings. When it comes to the cannabis growth vegetative stage, the plant will respond well to blue LED grow light for cannabis. You need a lot of blue, but the combination of red and blue light will work the best.

When it comes to flowering cannabis, you should choose a heavier red/orange light spectrum that will induce flowering and also improve it. However, blue light is still essential in little amounts than orange and red light. Choosing the color spectrum for cannabis growth this way should help you ensure the perfect growth of your plant.


LED grow lights play a key role in cannabis growth during all its stages. You should use different color spectrums at different stages of growth to achieve perfection. Choosing the right, high-quality LED grow light is essential if you want to ensure the healthy growth of your plants. Remember that the selection of different light types depends on the unique situation.

For more informative articles on the indoor plantation, keep visiting us.

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