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Why Invest in Commercial LED Grow Light For Your Agricultural Greenhouses

Why Invest in Commercial LED Grow Light For Your Agricultural Greenhouses


Invest in Commercial LED Grow Light for Your Agricultural Greenhouses

The growth and health of plants depend heavily on the lighting conditions. Plants get energy from the sunlight that is often adequate enough for their growth. But what if a farmer or a grower wants to grow plants indoors? When it comes to agricultural greenhouses or indoor lighting for plants, we have the option of commercial LED grow light. LED grow lights, with their special design, help plants grow in a healthy way. Various companies are manufacturing grow lights for greenhouses and indoor plantations. LED lights provide us an economic advantage in the long run. They are also more eco-friendly with extremely low maintenance costs.

commercial LED grow light

Most agricultural greenhouses have already replaced conventional lighting with LED grow lights. The increasing demand for grow lights shows how significant these new grow light fixtures are in the agricultural field. If you are still using the old, conventional lighting approach for your plants, it is time to make a change. This article should help you understand why you should invest in LED grow lights.

Commercial LED Grow Light Benefits

Commercial LED grow light fixtures are rising in popularity for the last few years, especially. There are multiple reasons behind the popularity of these lights for indoor plantations. Here, we will go through some of the key benefits of LED grow lights that every agricultural business or grower can take advantage of.

1. Quicker Harvest Cycles

LED grow lights help indoor farmers by speeding up the growth rate of plants. This is the most basic benefit that you will get by using LED grow lights for your indoor plants. The best thing about the LED grow lights is that you can use them 24 hours a day, every day. It allows you to ensure maximum plants growth every season. You can increase the crop yields annually with the help of LED grow lights that will lead towards higher profits.

2. Performance and Durability

LED lights have a special design that ensures the longest lifespan of the product. A high-quality commercial LED grow light can produce light for up to 102,000 hours without any problem. The reason behind the durability of these lights is their low working temperature. You should be aware of the fact that traditional lights have a high operating temperature so they produce excess heat, reducing the lifespan of the light. Lower temperature means less wear on the product that allows for a longer lifespan. LED lights use solid-state technology, so these lights involve no moving components that give them longevity.

LED lights offer the essential lighting solution for the healthy growth of plants indoors. A plant under LED lighting will be healthier than a plant that gets the conventional lighting system for growth. Keep in mind that conventional lights deliver harmful light wavelengths that are not good for plants. With LED lights, the grower has full control to regulate the light wavelength. It helps them ensure a perfect photosynthesis process. You will also not require any cooling system in the area because LED lights do not overheat.

3. Environmental Safety and Energy Efficiency

Both cost and energy are significant concerns for growers and businesses struggling for sustainability. The best thing about a commercial LED grow light is that it saves 60% more energy than traditional lights. They produce less heat while offering more light at the lowest cost than old traditional lights. The reason behind this energy efficiency is that LEDs consume less energy and ensure reduced heat production. So, you want to save on your monthly bills? You should opt for the new LE grow lights for your agricultural greenhouse.

On the other hand, less energy consumption from an LED grow light will ensure a great economic effect. How? Because it will help you instantaneously lower down your HVAC costs. You can also increase the energy efficiency level further by considering the software-based energy tracking system. Most agricultural greenhouses are already using this approach. LED grow lights are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional lights also. These lights are recyclable and don’t contain any toxic substances. In general, these lights are safe for the environment and help you cut down your energy expenses.

Common Use Cases

Commercial LED grow light fixtures are ideal lighting solutions for agricultural greenhouses and indoor plantation growth. Apart from that, these lights are also suitable for different applications in warehouses, hospitals, car dealerships, small organizations, retail outlets, and manufacturing facilities. Therefore, if you are running one of these facilities or businesses, you can also consider LED grow lights. However, it is important to choose the right LED grow light for your application.

Choosing the Right LED Grow Lights

Before purchasing LED grow lights for indoor use, you must know the actual function they will be doing there. The primary purpose of these lights is obviously to help indoor plants grow quicker and healthier. But, you should also be fully aware of what plants require what light color for growth. Here are the different things that you must know before you invest in an LED grow light.

  • For what plants do you need the light?
  • Know your surface area
  • Consider the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)
  • Cooling System
  • Lights with programmability

Keeping the above points in mind should help you choose the most appropriate commercial LED grow light for your application. It is important to avoid LED lights that are available at extremely cheap rates. Remember that grow lights for agricultural greenhouses will never be available at cheap rates. If you want your plants to grow quicker and healthier, you must invest in a high-quality LED grow light available at an economical price. You will also find many cheap rates grow lights in the market, but they will not last longer lifespans.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a low-maintenance, long-lasting lighting solution for indoor plants growth, LED lighting should be your first choice. LED grow lights are reliable and strong indoor grow lights that you can trust in the long run. They do not only help you ensure the healthier and faster growth of the plants but also save energy in the long run. Therefore, they provide cost benefits in the long run, while encouraging fast and healthy growth of indoor plants.

For further details about LED grow lights, you can visit our website.

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