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Tips on Protecting Your LED Grow Light

Tips on Protecting Your LED Grow Light


Protecting Your LED Grow Light

LED grow light comprises crucial wavelengths while adding exceptional potential to the indoor plantation that requires photosynthesis. By looking at the crucial role that the grow lights play we must take proper care of these lights. It holds crucial importance and we must ensure it for reliable indoor plants yield in the future. But before we talk about how we should protect our grow lights, it is essential to know why these lights are important. So, we will first throw light on why these lights are so important, and then share helpful tips on you how you can protect your grow light.

LED grow light

Why Choose LED Grow Light?

LED (light-emitting diodes) comes in tiny sizes and they help grow indoor plants. Farmers and florists often use LED grow light fixtures in various numbers for emitting light and providing energy and heat to plant(s) for photosynthesis purposes. Fitting LEDs into an electronic circuit does the magic. Though, it is essential to ensure that the lights you use must be within 6 to 8 wavelengths range. It is essential because it is the range that can offer the right lights peak, red, blue, and orange, to the tender plants’ roots for growth.

The most remarkable thing about light-emitting diodes is that these lights are soundless instruments. Therefore, we can consider LED lights as a must, especially in a region where there is a scarcity of adequate sunlight for plants growth and additional germination. We have several experiment results in favor of LED lights for their role in indoor plants growth.

Protecting LED Grow Lights

LED grow light fixtures are known for their longer life and efficiency. With proper care, we can further improve their lifespan. Choosing an LED light over conventional light bulbs for growing plants will help you save big. Protecting your grow lights is not a hassle at all. You can use surge-protected power strips to ensure LED light protection so that it can remain functional in the long run. Follow these steps for convenient and easy use of power strips.

  • Plug the light into your power strip.
  • Plug the power strip into a timer or wall outlet.
  • Do not overload the outlet with so many devices. Doing so may cause a short circuit.

There are also some other ways you can ensure the protection of your grow lights. Those include:

  • Keep these devices away from water contact as water can cause accidents, such as short circuits.
  • Do not use these lights inside a moist room as water droplets in a moist room may cause damage.

You can save money by connecting your LED grow light to a power stabilizer. The power stabilizer provides this benefit by maintaining appropriate wattage and voltage that are responsible to provide appropriate heat for plants growth. Therefore, you can also buy a power stabilizer and connect it with your grow lights for safety.

Mistakes You Must Avoid While Using Your LED Lights

LED grow lights work flawlessly in the long run if you use them with care. Therefore, you can keep benefiting from these lights for indoor plants’ growth for a longer period. However, some people experience premature failure of these lights by doing a few mistakes. Here are the most common mistakes that especially some beginners make when using their LED lights.

1. Overheating Plants

The most common mistake that people often make while using a LED grow light for plants is that they overheat plants. If you notice brownish leaves, it means that you are overheating your plants. Before they turn brownish, you will notice thin leaves outlines on their outside. If you find it quickly, you can act promptly to avert further damage. If you put grow light extremely close to the leaves, they will start to curl up. To counter such problems, it is necessary to ensure proper ventilation.

2. Providing Inadequate Lighting

It is essential to consider your operations’ scale. You must be aware of how many indoor plants you will grow and the number of LED lights you will require for proper illumination. It is also crucial to know the lights’ luminosity that you are using. For instance, approximately 100 grams yield requires an LED light of 200W for sufficient lighting. Even if you have enough light lamps, it is still important to ensure that you are not overheating your plants.

3. Improper Lamp distance

Insufficient lighting or overheating can be a result of having not enough or too many lights. It will also cause trouble if your place lights very far or too close to your plants. We don’t have a universal rule on this, but it is ideal to place LEDs at a distance of 12-18 inches from your plants.

4. Using Low-Grade Products

Light is one of the key factors that determine the quality of plants growth because it is essential for the process of photosynthesis. You may not be able to grow healthy and strong plants if you use conventional incandescent lights. Therefore, it is essential to use high-quality, full-spectrum grow lights. With their special design, these lights deliver the most optimal light spectrum that your plants require.

LED grow light

5. Choosing the Incorrect Light Spectrum

Another mistake that most people make is that they choose an incorrect LED grow light spectrum. For efficient growth of the plant, it requires different light types for different growth stages. You can easily achieve this thing with full-spectrum lights. Plants never grow well if you choose an incorrect setting. It is also essential to consider the room conditions where you are growing the plants. It should help you choose the perfect light spectrum.

Apart from the above-listed mistakes, there are also a few other mistakes that most people often make. These include using an inappropriate light schedule, forgetting the adjustment of the light, and not maintaining and protecting the LED growth lights. Sometimes, people also overwater plants when they switch from an HID to LED. You can ensure perfect indoor plants growth by avoiding all these mistakes and following the tips we shared in this article.

A grow light is an essential thing that every grower needs to have. For more information on indoor plantation lights, you can visit our website.



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