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Led Grow Lights Manufacturer China: Pros & Cons 2021

Led Grow Lights Manufacturer China: Pros & Cons 2021

What is the difference between LED dimming lights and regular LED lights?

1. What is the dimming of LED grow lights?

Dimming is a function that changes the Led grow lights manufacturer China power to the desired value according to a preset timetable. The change of light intensity in the space depends on individual needs and purposes of use.

LED dimming lights can have a minimum of 2 levels and a maximum of 5 levels of power: 100%, 70%, 50%, 30%

Specifically: LED grow lights have a continuous lighting time

Specifically: LED grow lights have a continuous lighting time, but the need for light usage morning is not always the same

For example, the operating time of the lights is from 18:00 to 5 a.m. the next morning, at a time when there is a lot of traffic in the evening (18:00-22:30), the road needs to be brighter. But by 1 or 4 am, on the road there is no traffic, the need for light will be less. So, if we let the light with an intensity like the time frame with a lot of traffic, it will consume a lot of energy.

Therefore, led grow lights manufacturer China will be integrated with dimming technology into the source to reduce the power consumption of LEDs; the light intensity is reduced to 70% or 50%.

 Led Grow Lights Manufacturer China

Benefits Led grow lights manufacturer China:

  • Create flexibility to adjust light, reduce power to suit the needs of each time
  • Reduce power consumption, avoid wasting energy.
  • Help save more electricity bills.
  1. Where are LED dimming grow lights common?

Today, LED dimming technology is widely common and applied in most lighting works.

LED grow lights with dimming function can be common in any space that needs to reduce power according to time frames such as: Schools, apartment buildings, dormitories, residential areas, parks, hospitals, roads Highway.

3.Difference between Led grow lights manufacturer China and ordinary LED grow lights?

Capacity flexibility

The difference of this lamp model compared to conventional grow lights is the function of flexibly switching power at each time.

This design is suitable for the number of people in traffic and the lighting conditions in each moment. That will minimize the amount of electricity that the device consumes; contribute to reducing the cost of money for each lighting installation area.

Led grow lights manufacturer China Lightning resistance

The second difference lies in the device's lightning protection LED grow lights. Even in stormy weather conditions, the dimming Led grow lights manufacturer China still work without worrying about being damaged. This feature is completely suitable for a country with a tropical monsoon climate or thunderstorms in the rainy season like Vietnam.

In addition, LED grow lights dimming still retain some of the points of current LED grow lights such as 60,000h long life; color rendering is over 80 CRI, color temperature 3000~6500.


Suitable for many lighting conditions of each area

 suitable for many lighting conditions of each area; good resistance to rainwater and dust from vehicles in traffic with IP65~68 protection; the light is extremely stable and gives brightness right after turning on.

Solar light (or Solar Light) is a lighting system consisting of solar panels, LED bulbs, and batteries to store electricity. The lamp works with electricity from a battery. This charges using solar panels to convert light into electricity.

Why solar LED lights are chosen to be common so much today

  1. Structure of solar lights

Solar panels: consists of cells (photovoltaic cells) made from silicon wafers. It has the effect of absorbing sunlight and converting light energy into electricity stored in the battery

Based on the design, there are 2 types: integral panels with Led grow lights manufacturer China and removable panels

Based on the production process and materials, there are two common types: mono panels and poly. panels

Led grow lights manufacturer China bulbs

LEDs are common for their outstanding advantages of good illumination, environmental friendliness, and a long lamp life of up to 50,000H. LED lights vary in brightness and power to suit each space

Control: the main function of the controller is to cut off the current when the battery/battery is full. Accumulated energy from the charging plate will be transferred to the charger/battery, when it is full, the controller will cut off the current, avoiding overload that can cause the battery/battery to explode.

Common to cut off the power when the lamp is not in use or left in a dark box

In addition, this unit also has the function of automatically turning on and off based on the change between light and dark.

Battery (or battery): Each lamp comes with a high-capacity, ultra-durable lithium battery or an energy tank to store electricity to power the lamp.

2. Working principle of Led grow lights manufacturer China

2.1. Solar lights operate based on using 100% of energy from the sun. There is no need for electrical wires, with simple operating principles as follows:

During the day: The Led grow lights manufacturer China will automatically turn off, the solar panel will absorb sunlight and accumulate in the charger or battery. When storing enough energy, it will automatically turn off (About 6 hours).

Automatic motion sensor: In addition to the light sensor, the lamp also can sense when people. And objects move close and automatically turn on and adjust the light intensity.

2.2. Solar lights are the current trend because of the following advantages:

Save electricity, reduce costs: thanks to using completely solar energy, there is no monthly electricity cost. Especially in public lighting places such as parks, bridges, roads, etc. Lighting at home premises, the lights are constantly on without having to worry about rising electricity bills.
Led Grow Lights Manufacturer China

Easy to install: the light works without the use of messy electrical wires. It is easy and safe to install and move. Similarly, it is adaptable to environmental conditions. The product comes to ensure not only lighting parameters but also dust and water protection parameters with IP66 to IP68 levels, lightning surge protection.

Conclusion Led grow lights manufacturer China

For Led grow lights manufacturer China, we give priority to choosing lamps with shell structure. These materials have good resistance to impact and are less affected by oxidation. Protect the best performance of the lamp and reduce warranty and replacement costs.

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