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5 Ways Led Grow Lights Factory can Help to set your Business

5 Ways Led Grow Lights Factory can Help to set your Business

LED Lights Bring smart and Convenient Lighting Solutions

Today, the environment is being destroyed and heavily polluted. Therefore, green energy sources are being invented and common more widely to protect the living environment of people. Also, With the development of technology Led grow lights factory as today.

 Led Grow Lights Factory

the solar LED system is considered a smart solution for outdoor lighting that is being widely applied to gradually replace ordinary lights such as fluorescent lamps, LED lights, and LED lights.

Solar Led grow lights factory

Application of solar led lights

Due to the convenience of installation, solar LED lights are easy to install in many locations and serve many different lighting needs:

  • Lighting for indoor and outdoor: Wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted lights, columns, etc., illuminate the yard, gate to ensure security…
  • Also, Lighting when there is no power or the area has no electricity network: In rural areas, there is often a power outage that interrupts work, so using solar lights is very convenient.
  • Lighting for work at construction sites, fishing boats: Solar lights are easy to install and move, plus the outstanding illumination of Led grow lights factoryhelps support the work. Moreover, it increases work efficiency.
  • Furthermore, Public area lighting: Parks, highways, hospitals, schools…

Solar Led grow lights factory - Headlights

Benefits of solar lights

With the development of techniques and current technology, solar LED lights prove to be superior in terms of lighting efficiency and convenience compared to lights using electricity from the grid.

1. Saving energy and cost of Led grow lights factory

The most outstanding benefit of the Led grow lights factory line is that it is completely free, without monthly electricity costs. Thanks to the use of energy from nature, however, you can comfortably use and light the whole night without worrying about rising electricity bills.

2. Easy to install and use

Solar lights don't need to wire, so you can install the lights in any position, just a few simple steps, less than 1 minute, you have the right product.

There is no need to worry about wiring and women can completely install it themselves and do not need to rely on men.

  1. Cost savings

Also, Reduce maintenance costs and electricity bill costs for users. Since solar smart Led grow lights factory use energy, not wires, they won’t be included in your monthly electricity bill.

4. Absolute safety

Because the lamp does not need to be connected to the national electricity grid, it helps to increase the safety of users when using, avoiding common electrical risks such as fire, explosion, electric shock.

5. Diversity of Led grow lights factory models

Currently, Green Solar is providing a wide range of solar products such as: street lights, headlights, gate post lights, garden lights, wall lights, ...

6. Led grow lights factory Environmentally friendly

By applying the most advanced technology of light bulbs today, LED, the product has extremely low mercury concentration, and is not harmful to human health.

When choosing to buy Led grow lights factory, learning about the product is indispensable. However, In order to choose a lamp of good quality and achieve the desired lighting effect, MDC TECH will indicate 6 important parameters that you need to know.

1. Light flux for Led grow lights factory

The luminous flux is defined as a quantity that measures the radiated power emitted by a light source. For LEDs, it is easy to understand as the total amount of light that the LED emits in all directions in 1 second of illumination. The SI unit of luminous flux is the lumen (symbolized Lm).

The higher the luminous flux, the higher the brightness and vice versa. Therefore, when learning about this index, you need to determine the space to be illuminated, large space, need a lot of light, so choose a lamp with a large luminous flux. Also, Narrow space, moderate light requirements, we should choose lamps with moderate luminous flux to save costs.

2. Led grow lights factory performance

Lighting efficiency is the luminous efficiency of a lamp, calculated as the ratio between luminous flux and power consumed by the lamp. The unit of measurement of luminous efficiency is lumen/W.

A high luminous efficiency LED means high luminous flux for high luminous efficiency with low power. Led grow lights factory could convert from energy to light extremely large, will consume less electricity, save more power.

3. Led grow lights factory Lighting angle

Lighting angle is the angle between two faces with a minimum luminous intensity. The light sources are the same, but different angles of light will produce images of different bright areas. The larger the light angle (the more radiant), the smaller the central light intensity and the wider the light area.

Also, this is an important parameter of LED lights to choose the right type of light for each type of space.

 Led Grow Lights Factory

IP Index

IP index (ingress protection) is readable as the index of protection against intrusion. This parameter represents the degree of protection of the Led grow lights factory against dust and water ingress.

Generally, the IP number consists of 2 numbers. The first number refers to protection against solid objects (dust) and the second number refers to protection against liquids (water).

Better Protection against weather condition

If you want to protect the bulb from dust, you must ensure that the first IP number is 6. It guarantees complete protection of the bulb from solids of any kind.

If you want to protect your device from moisture then the second digit of the IP rating should be greater than 0. The higher the IP rating, the better the protection of the Led grow lights factory against weather conditions. All submersible lights (e.g. swimming pool lights) must have a second digit greater than 6. Furthermore, numbers 1 to 6 can protect from rain and are good for street lights.

5. CRI. Color Rendering Index for Led grow lights factory

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a parameter that reflects the fidelity of the color of objects illuminated by LEDs. However, the higher the CRI index value, the more vivid and true the color of the illuminated object will be. Color temperature: is a characteristic parameter of light, indicating the color of light emitted at a certain temperature.

Conclusion Led grow lights factory

CRI color rendering index has a scale from 0 to 100. Natural light is taken as the standard. The color of the Led grow lights factory of the object is bright by the light. Conversely, a lower color rendering index will lead to a false reflection of the color of the illuminated object.

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