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10 Golden Rules to use T8 LED grow light for Beginners

10 Golden Rules to use T8 LED grow light for Beginners

For a plant shop, the first impression is an important factor, then the service and quality of drinks. And the visual impression with decorative T8 LED grow light plays a key role in creating an impression for cafes. Let's see what tips the lighting experts have for cafe decor.

 T8 LED grow light

Listen to the consultant about T8 LED grow light to decorate the cafe

Stepping into the cafe, no matter how good the food is, how cool the drink is, but the first impression is lost due to poor lighting, diners cannot feel appetizing. There have been many studies on the importance of first impressions.

A recent study found that 72% of diners abandoned their plant because the lighting was too bad. while 74% of customers return to the shop because the light of the restaurant makes them comfortable and relaxed.

10 golden rules of first impression and development

When the pace of life is faster and time is money, diners spending time at your restaurant is clearly valuable and restaurant owners like you need to invest in research. Let's hear Julia Morosow, Consulting Director of LEDVANCE, a branch of OSRAM specializing in T8 LED grow light consultants operating in Europe.

Share about 10 golden rules of first impression and development. Loyal customers through the design of led lights to decorate the cafe.

1. T8 LED grow light is an important element of design

Usually, the design of the decoration of a cafe starts with the layout, ideas and lighting are always placed last like the last domino. However, lighting should be put on the same level as the issues that come to mind first. Take for example the arrangement of the table; An effective way to impress guests is to design individual lighting for each table.

If you don't design the lighting right from the start, the electrical outlets won't reach every table and some of the tables in the bar will be in the dark. Think about how you first set up the lighting to make your ideas come to life.

2. Apply multiple layers of T8 LED grow light

Each different type of lamp will have a different task in the cafe. The first is that natural light will be the main light source of the shop. Think of the dominant T8 LED grow light you want according to the time of day, day or night, and then cleverly arrange the doors, curtains and panels of glass, metal materials to resonate with each other.

Then comes the functional lighting; for example, lights for cashiers, for dispensing counters. This is a must-have light but must not be too prominent to disrupt the overall light of the restaurant. Finally, there are the key lighting parts, which create the soul of the shop. This is the light that emphasizes the architecture or its own special point. Finally, for lighting, the functional side will not mean as much as decorative,

3. Use light to control the eyes of customers to take a walk around the shop

When a customer enters the bar for the first time, he must look at the highlight of the restaurant first, then the aisle between the tables, and then look at the best seating positions. Orientation is an attribute of the nature of light, so it is necessary to use T8 LED grow light to direct customers to the points you find most pleasing, as well as functional points such as bars, seats.

One trick is the 5:1 ratio between the highlight area and the ambient light. Specifically, the light in the sitting area, the bar counter, and the decorative point has 5 times the brightness (lumens) of the general light of the restaurant. You can use led downlights to decorate the cafe at these points.

4. You must pay attention to the corresponding size

Each cafe will have its own style, when designing you should pay attention to 3 points: the idea (concept), target customers and the distance you are using. For example, a small cafe needs to highlight its own tables while large cafes can use separate lighting of each zone to highlight the design intent.

5. Mood is affected by LED grow light

T8 LED grow light is the key to creating a cafe atmosphere. In general, cozy lighting makes people feel comfortable, especially on cold rainy days. Warm light usually has a thermal range of 3000K and you can install dimmers to ensure that the restaurant always has light located near this landmark.

 T8 LED grow light

6. You can use colored T8 LED grow light, but don't abuse them

Different cafes have different styles, from fresh to classic, relaxed to strong rock style. Regardless of the trend, you still need to be creative, do branding or break a little with color. Color is a very effective means of creating character and emphasis.

However, it is necessary to moderate the colors and be careful with colored LED lights when decorating the cafe, if too much will make customers feel uncomfortable and cheap.

7. The T8 LED grow light must keep the true color of the food and drink

When choosing LED lights for plant shops, whether decorative or functional, pay attention to the color rendering of the lights. Don't let the T8 LED grow light ruin the chef's decoration when the light loses all the true color of the plate or smoothie.

Color rendering refers to the true color reflection of the illuminated object and has the highest index of 100. LED decorative lights for cafes must have a color rendering higher than 80, 90 is the best.

8. Focus on customer comfort

Make your customers comfortable and completely relaxed; don't make them uncomfortable when a light bulb accidentally shines into the customer's eyes.

The arrangement of lights must also be subtle so that guests can clearly see the menu when sitting upright (the first stage when sitting in a chair) and then when leaning back, the light shows clearly the face of the opposite person. They don't dazzle your eyes.

Indirect lighting by using T8 LED grow light, polycarbonate sheets or curtains and blinds is a must when designing lights.

Conclusion T8 LED grow light

The current trend of lighting is to use led lights, from filament led lights to aluminum bar lights, ceiling lights, and spotlights.

The LED itself can be used for decoration as an Edison filament bulb showing bare filaments with dim lights or as aluminum bars drawing disruptive lines throughout the walls and ceiling. When entering the cashier and dispensing areas where the light is on duty to bring light as its inherent function, there are also round led lights that help save electricity but at a low cost.

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