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LED plant Grow Light: A powerful tool for Plant Growing

LED plant Grow Light: A powerful tool for Plant Growing

Indoor LED plant grow light: a powerful tool

Finding LED installed in indoor LED plant grow light starts to be unsurprising. Over the years, this technique has gained a lot due to its enormous advantages for any type of culture and its versatility. You can have the plants you want, no matter if you are a leading scientist or someone who lives in the center of a big city.LED plant Grow Light


The huge energy savings generated by LED lighting is one of the main reasons for this boom. This depends on the type of plant, there are crops that may need up to 18 hours of uninterrupted light. With the specific use of LED plant grow light for indoor cultivation, the cost can be 25 times better than with certain traditional lights.

The influence of the LED plant grow light

The light that plants receive daily is essential to activate photosynthesis, the chemical process explained in schools that are vital for the survival of any plant. Only with light this process can be activated. If a plant does not receive the necessary light it will either not grow or it will grow in bad conditions.

Furthermore, thanks to the use of so-called "Grow lamps" the light spectrum can be easily manipulated that plants receive from an indoor crop. By replacing old systems with other more current installations of LED plant grow light, separate spectra are emitted and necessary for plant growth and flowering.

Temperature also stands out as a differential value

  LEDs do not emit as much heat as traditional light bulbs, so they can be placed closer to the plants without fear of damaging them.

What can each type of LED plant grow light provide?

Thanks to the LED spotlights for indoor growth, it can absorb much more light than with halogen lamps. And because of its versatility already mentioned, it can be installed in ivernaderos, controlled growth chambers or aquariums. 

These are some LED plant grow lights that can be used depending on each specific need and that, of course, can be installed combined so that each one performs its function:

Red LEDs: it can only deliver the infrared rays that any plant needs to bloom, but it is also a perfect natural insect repellent.

White LEDs: in the absence of natural light, they are the best alternative to achieve something similar to it.

Blue LEDs: Essential for providing the UV rays required by plants to grow proper




 Science already uses LED plant grow light for indoor cultivation

There are already voices asserting that being able to effectively light a crop with LED plant grow light. It is to manipulate the light spectra will soon be the key to starting a new food revolution. A perfect example that this may not be too far off is found at the University of the Netherlands.

Where Professor Leo uses different colored lights to "modify the:

  • Smell
  • taste and even the vitamin content of his tomatoes ", as explained in the report.

 LED plant Grow Light

In the case of Marcelis, is just playing with light. He keeps balance between all the colors of the LED that comes into action. You have absolute control over what happens to your plants. If you want more efficient growth, press the red light, to create plants of smaller tomatoes opts for green LED plant grow light. Blue is the tool he uses to create tomatoes that contain more antioxidants.

How to use LED plant grow light?

Thanks to the benefits of specific LED lamps for crops. People can be faced with the tool that would provide a solution to current and near future problems. Moreover, we could generate all the demand for protein that developing countries need to consume, for example.

Orchards and gardens

They're a more urban trend with less impact, but you also need lighting. An orchard inside your home allows you to eat organic food on a small scale, even if you live in the center of a big city. Knowing that LED plant grow light incorporates a powerful tool to get the most out of indoor growing, it's worth knowing some additional tips:

When plants are starting to grow, that's when they need the most light. 

The necessary LED grow growth light must be correctly selected. We need to adapt the separation between the light source and the plants.

Some devices, such as the LED Grow PAR38 lamp, help throughout the plant's growth cycle, from germination to maturation.

A good timer is a perfect additional aid to control the light fluxes you need from each plant on a daily basis.

Importance of light for the growth of plants

Light is the cultivator's great ally. Without light, plants would not exist, as it is through photosynthesis that plant beings produce their energy/food and without light there is no photosynthesis.

Therefore, when choosing the LED plant grow light for indoor cultivation, you must pay attention to the power, lumens and the type of lighting; this is a task that deserves attention from the grower.

 Our series of articles on how to “build your grow”? We'll deal here about light and the various options available for lighting, tips. It is to increase reflectivity and not to waste electricity and, consequently, your money.

How many types of lights are there for indoor cultivation?

There are basically three types of lighting system for indoor cultivation: CFL. This stands for Compact Fluorescent Lamps. Furthermore, they are now the most used lamps for domestic lighting, after replacing the old incandescent ones.

Fluorescents produce white LED plant grow light and can be used to light the room. It will not give the same results compared to MH and HPS, for example, however they are more economical.

Final Words

High Pressure Vapor Lamps are probably the most used lamps for lighting in indoor cultivation. Over several years, they were perfected in an attempt to optimize the lighting produced to the needs of the plants. This type of lamp is basically found in two versions: MH – metal vapor lamps and HPS – sodium vapor lamps.

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