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How to install plant grow light for best yield results?

How to install plant grow light for best yield results?

plant grow light
The benefits of using plant grow light will help your garden grow well. If the lighting equipment and the plants are properly cared for, perfect and reliable results will be produced.

The following article on tips on using LED farming lights for growing plants will help you. Moreover, it shall provide the perfect balance and replace natural resources and correct nutrients.

Check the size of the garden

It is very important to check the size of the garden and the room in which the plants are grown. If you cultivate a small area in a room such as a garden, things will become easier for you.

If you are growing plants in an entire room or large area, you will need more light sources for the plants to grow at their best.

Installation location of LED grow lights

Photosynthetic LEDs must be placed in the proper place for best results. As the day goes by, the lights must be moved closer to the plants.

Even if the 5mm plant grow light keeps closest to the plants, the lights won't hurt the plants because the temperature is quite low.

Maintaining the correct distance between the LED grow lights and your canopy will help improve and optimize plant growth.

LEDs can be placed closer than HID grow lights because they don't dissipate too much heat. However, keep your lights high enough above the garden that the light can completely cover the canopy.

Where to install plant grow light?

Placing the lights too far away from the canopy will strain the plants and give them poor yields. Placing plant grow light too close to the canopy will cause your plants to exceed their light saturation point, which will shut them down and slow or stop growth.


Find out the optimal distance for your grow lights during the growth and bloom stages, keeping your lights close to the optimal distance at all times.

Choosing the right type of grow lights

Growing plants with LED lights is the perfect thing to do according to your requirements. The 5mm LED grow light is said to be the perfect choice for plant growth due to its positive impact on plant health and size.

If you use 5mm LED photosynthetic for 12 hours a day your product will last for 20 years.

Using reflector

As with the HID and T5 grow lights, LEDs can be useful when using reflectors. It helps disperse the light, directing them to the plants in need of illumination. Moreover, it will help your garden to be more visible to get enough light.

Monitor the temperature of the planting site

Photosynthetic LEDs work extremely cool compared to HID grow lights. However, some growers rely on the heat from HID lights to keep their gardens warm or cool nights or cold days.

Tips for using agricultural LED lights to grow crops 2

Solve this problem by monitoring the temperature of your growing room via plant grow light. Stick a thermometer about a foot below your grow lights. It is to monitor the temperature near the canopy and add a space heater on the thermostat if necessary.

Reduce watering

Don't let timers and buckets water your garden automatically, need at least 30 minutes a day to check if everything is ok. Observe the plants properly and look for any signs of pests, mold, arid...

The garden needs proper human care as machines can't do everything to improve it. Hence, you need to take good care of your planting area.

How to use plant grow light effectively?

Reduce the amount of water to half of what you would normally water when using plant grow light. For example, if you normally water your plants 6 times a day using an HID specific growing and environment system, reduce this to 3 times when using LED farm lights.

Increase nutrients for plants:

Test the nutrient count for the plants, the environment created in an indoor garden will be gentler, so limited nutrients will be needed to match the same growth rates seen in outdoor plants. Your plants need more nutrients.

Excess of everything leads to worse consequences, so take care of everything that you need to give plants. Reducing watering also reduces the frequency of nutrient delivery, thus requiring additional nutrient sources.

With the above sharing, hopefully you can use LED lights for photosynthesis in the best way so that your plants can improve growth and yield.

Flexibility in growing vegetables, choosing a planting location

When using plant grow light, it will be more flexible in finding the location of the plants. You can place the plant anywhere without worrying about the lack of light. Plants are easy to place in basements, in containers, in closed houses or in rooms without windows. Plants can still absorb light from lights to grow and develop quickly.

Note when using LED grow lights

Some notes when using led lights to grow hydroponic vegetables

Do you think that plant grow light should be used throughout the day, the more the better?  The faster the plants will grow? But this is not true. You should only use LED grow lights for 10 to 12 hours a day. If the lighting time is longer, it will be very energy-consuming and will not bring high efficiency.

Note when choosing led lights

Currently, there are quite a few places that sell led grow lights with a variety of designs and models. To choose the right product, you need to pay attention.

Usually, plants only absorb two light strips, which have color light strips. Therefore, when choosing a lamp used to replace sunlight, it is necessary to choose a type with a spectrum of 350 - 800 nm.
plant grow light

Where to buy led grow lights?

You can choose to buy led grow lights at Master Grower, a company specializing in hydroponics with advanced hydroponic vegetable growing services.

Not only helping you design and build a clean and productive hydroponic vegetable garden, but Master Grower also provides plant grow light.

Some notes when using led lights for growing hydroponic vegetables. Some notes when using led lights for growing hydroponic vegetables

Before providing products to users, Mastergrower's technicians have strictly checked the quality of the products. You can rest assured when choosing to buy, ensuring high value of use for the planting project.

Reasonable, preferential and competitive selling price

Growing vegetables with LED lights brings many practical benefits when growing vegetables in low light conditions. If you are in need of buying plant grow light, you can choose to buy at Master Grower LED to own genuine, quality products at the most favorable prices.

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