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How to grow plants with Samsung LED grow light?

How to grow plants with Samsung LED grow light?

How to grow plants with Samsung LED grow light?

Samsung LED grow light is the latest innovative technology. It allows you to grow indoor plants in a simple and efficient way. It is cultivation system that has made it possible for everyone to have a vegetable garden at home.

Furthermore, it provides excellent results. You can use it from hemp to vegetables up to the cannabis light business.

They are excellent lighting systems that use light emitting diodes to generate light. There are different types and models. These can generate more or less power. Furthermore, they have more or less low costs, different duration and quality of the final product. Many different solutions to meet all the growers' requests and needs.

 Samsung LED grow light

LED lamps, different technologies and different advantages

Let's see some models of low consumption LED lamps for indoor cultivation: on the market, specifying that they are all Full Spectrum

The Indoor model is the simplest and most affordable Samsung LED grow light on the market. Just activate the switch. Hence, we can access the system immediately. Thanks to their ease of use, they are ideal especially for those approaching this form of cultivation for the first time.

They guarantee low consumption, high thermal resistance and a light spectrum. Moreover, this is very close to that of the sun but do not offer any possibility of regulation.

OCTOPUS 640 640W

The Samsung LED grow light emits a high penetration light and allows you to have a first possibility of adjusting the brightness. In fact, they come with a system with 3 adjustable growth channels (Veg, Agro and Bloom) optimized. This is to provide the plant with the right amount of light. Similarly, it needs depending on the stage of development in which it locates.

The lighting can thus be managed, thus also guaranteeing to save much more power than a more basic model.


The OCTOPUS 400, on the other hand, allows you to have total control of the light emitted, eliminating waste. This Samsung LED grow light also has 3 growth channels, ensuring the grower a very high production yield and very low consumption.

To this are added other peculiar features such as:

  • the presence of super silent fans
  • an optimized light spectrum and
  • the high efficiency Hyperled LED.


OCTOPUS 640 640W

With the Lumeny Evolution LED lamps with control panel, the possibility of selecting the plant development channels directly on the back of the device comes for the first time.

The use of a combination of latest generation Samsung LED grow light allows for greater light power. Thus favoring the Emerson effect accelerates the photosynthesis process, increasing productivity.

 Samsung LED grow light


OCTOPUS 640 640W

The lamps are characterized by the use of extremely high quality Cree brand LEDs. These ensure optimal efficacy during indoor cultivation. Also this model is equipped with a 3-channel light regulation system so as not to waste even a watt and save on the electricity bill.

Furthermore, they use a double LED technology in which the COB (chip on board) LED is added to the classic SMD technology, whose joint use allows the grower to always keep the lighting emitted by the lamp under control.

Various models of Samsung LED grow light

Furthermore, LED lamps are able to emit light following a variety of systems, which can also be combined with each other:

Lumeny Barracuda LED Bar (SMD LED on Bars)

The LED Bar lamps, on the other hand come with a single light irradiation channel. We can adjust their power according to the different needs of the individual grower. So you can decide the intensity of the light you want to have in your crop. We can use the lamp at maximum power or only in a small percentage.

Why use Samsung LED grow light: features and benefits

After having seen what they are and which are the best LED grow lamps, let's go into the analysis of the main features of these products. Choosing to use a lighting system of this type for your indoor cultivation allows you to always keep the correct development of the plant.

 You can keep it under control and to enjoy the considerable benefits that LED lamps bring. Let's see them better:

LED systems allow you to always keep your consumption under control. This reduces by up to one fifth compared to that of classic HPS or HIP lamps.

A considerable advantage if you consider that this translates into a general energy saving during cultivation. We are sure it will surprise you. A fact that is also good for the environment, which is not bad.

Higher production yield

One of the most important characteristics of Samsung LED grow light is the higher production yield they ensure in terms of the final result.

In these systems, the penetration of light is able to reach even the most hidden leaves of the plant so as to obtain a greater quantity of fruits and flowers but also a higher quality.

Temperature under control

Furthermore, these lamps are able to maintain an always regulated temperature inside the greenhouse, not excessively heating the surrounding environment and giving the grower an excellent indoor cultivation experience.

In doing so, in fact, it is not necessary to have any cooling system.

Adjustable light for Better Growth

The latest generation Samsung LED grow light comes with efficient systems. These allow them to irradiate the light in the most suitable way according to the needs of the grower and the growth phase in which the cultivated plant is located.

For example, in the central phase of cultivation, when the plant develops, the supply of light must be greater than the initial and final ones.

Ease of installation

Installing an LED lamp is a very simple process, which can be done without problems by anyone, even if you are your first experience in the world of private cultivation. Usually they are equipped with a handy kit for assembly so as to make the operation even more immediate and worry-free.

Another fundamental plus of Samsung LED grow light is their exceptional duration, equal to double that of a classic model: they easily reach 100,000 hours of resistance, equivalent to over 10 years.

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