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12 Things to Keep in mind when Buying 800W LED grow light

12 Things to Keep in mind when Buying 800W LED grow light

800W LED grow light for hotels and restaurants is highly specific and requires a lot of investment, meticulousness and sophistication because it affects the overall design. Whether your hotel is a huge success or a complete failure, there is a direct impact and impact of lighting.

We often leave hotel lighting design to the professionals, but if you're determined to do it yourself, here are the 12 most important tips that hotel lighting experts have for you.

 800W LED grow light

The design of hotel decorative led lights is not too focused on light intensity.

Usually you get advice on the required brightness for a hotel, for example a hotel needs 300 lux. You should not rely on these. No one will come to your restaurant if it is lit to 300 lux, it will look like an office.

Much more important is the atmosphere, the mingling of light and shadow, a pleasant invitingness emanating from the whole. Decorative 800W LED grow light for works of art may require up to 300 lux but the wall spac next to it can be arranged a little darker.

Design of decorative led lighting for hotels

The darker the more expensive?

You really don't need a lot of light for some activities and eating is one such thing. The bright lighting in fast food restaurants has a connotation of prompting you, implying that you get in and out quickly. Generally, the darker the restaurant, the more luxurious it feels.

It is a place that wants you to eat in a position of enjoying food. And certainly, a luxurious guest wouldn't want to be exposed in the mouth while eating.

Choose what color 800W LED grow light for hotel decoration.

All 800W LED grow light are created unequal, some as warm as a candle, some as cold as ice. You need to choose the right color palette and if done wrong, it will make your lovely intimate space feel like you are in Antarctica. Color temperature is specified by a scale in degrees Kelvin, for example 3000K.

Types of color temperature

Not all downlights are created equal

Just as there is a huge difference in the car manufacturers in the market, there is a huge difference in downlights. You might want a Rolls Royce or it's a Toyota. Both have their place in the world. Although both have four wheels and four seats, they are not the same. Please choose carefully.

For a new hotel, you will spend a lot of money on 800W LED grow light, and you don't want to buy a crappy car that's worth a lot of money, right? The LED hotel lights you come across elsewhere may seem cheaper, but that doesn't mean it's right for your project.

Lighting angle – don't change when you redesign

Many accessories included with searchlights have been identified; narrow beams down to a table or wide beams to fill the room. When changing lights, you need to make sure to keep the lighting angle the same, or your whole look will change, and you don't know why.

800W LED grow light with an angle to the decorative object

Are the tables in the restaurant intentionally illuminated? If you move the table, move around the highlight. If rearranging the table in the room, go up the ladder and change the angle of the lamp. No one wants to be the person at the end of the table with a lamp on their head.

 Quick fix and patch and it will be much more expensive than coming up with the right solution in the first place

Buy more decorative 800W LED grow light with proper lighting

The 800W LED grow light isn't quite as good and you want to fix the problem. That's right. If your chair wasn't comfortable, you wouldn't sew a cushion over your head, would you? So why think adding a light filter is a satisfactory solution to your lighting problem?

Choose the right control system...

A dimmer system is more than just a dimmer It can set up the overall landscape. This means, you can set multiple lighting modes during the day and set a system to change automatically according to the set hours.

Right programming and right 800W LED grow light setup

It also allows us to create spaces that are multifunctional - strong lighting for a meeting room, or glamorous lighting for a wedding reception in the same multifunctional room. You can easily do that with a room and with the right control system, right programming and right setup.

No one wants to have to turn on the 800W LED grow light in a room with an app on their phone. Your guests may have just stepped off a long flight and they want to iron their shirt for tomorrow, have a quick beer, and fall asleep. They don't want to find the touchscreen in their bed, or log into Wi-Fi, install an app, connect to a room.

 800W LED grow light

800W LED grow light can make the same space different

This is especially important with places like restaurants that are open all day. Bright, airy and stimulating at breakfast time; then back to sexy and intimate tones at night. Light can do this for you. There's a lot more you can do with 800W LED grow light, than just plug it all into a dimmer and adjust it all at once.

Don't focus the light on the background

Dimming the light is better if you put the light sources in the right place. Don't shine the light on the floor! People walking don't always look at the floor! We've done many projects without a downlight at all and those are often our best projects. Shine the light on the interesting points, the places that define your brand.

Conclusion 800W LED grow light

I didn't research this article; I just sat down and wrote it over lunch. Honestly, if I had to explain things like this to you, you wouldn't want to design decorative 800W LED grow light for hotels; If you want to be a professional lighting designer, you can spend up to 10 years learning everything.

You don't want to be a lighting designer just because the salary is definitely unappealing.

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